10 reasons to visit Tasmania now

10 reasons to visit Tasmania now

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hobart tasmania
Tasman Bridge. Photos: Dietmar Kahles

If you are a keen photographer (or even if you’re not), there are many reasons why you should visit Tasmania. Here are 10 reasons you need to visit Tasmania now.  

1-Tasmania is a great place to learn photography

maria island
Fossil Cliffs Maria Island

Participating in a three-day workshop on Maria Island run by Wild Island Tasmania has been one of the best experiences for me.

Each day we set out before dawn to catch first light at the most beautiful spots. On this particular morning, we ended up at the top of the Fossil Cliffs and took full advantage of the magic light.

2-The sky is amazing at night

maria island
Maria Island barn with aurora and Milky Way

The skies in Tasmania are impossibly clear and are ideal for astrophotography. I captured this image of the Milky Way on Maria Island.

On that occasion we were lucky enough to also have a faint aurora (in the bottom left corner) make an appearance during our night shoot. Pure magic!

3-Tasmania’s wildlife is captivating

maria island
Dancing kangaroos

This is one of my favourite wildlife captures. I was lucky to come across these awesome dancing Forester kangaroos on my way back from climbing Bishop and Clerk on Maria Island. Luckily I had my zoom lens ready and quickly clicked away.

4-Sunsets in Tasmania are awesome

hobart tasmania
Sunset and clouds at Mortimer Bay

One of my favourite locations to shoot sunsets and long exposures in general is Mortimer Bay on Hobart’s South Arm peninsula. The fence at this particular spot provides a terrific leading line and when there is just the right amount of cloud coverage magic happens.

5-There’s lots to see in Hobart

hobart tasmania
Sparkling Hobart lights

The magic of this view never ceases to get me. Hobart at blue hour is a wonderland of sparkling lights and moving clouds.

I just love setting up my tripod high in the hills of Sandy Bay and capture the lights of Wrest Point Casino, the docks and the Tasman Bridge.

The Derwent Sailing Club at Wrest Point, Sandy Bay is a perennial favourite of mine. On a still evening you can get some wonderful reflections in the water.

The combination of moving clouds and still conditions on the ground provides the perfect setting for a long exposure shot.

6-Winter in Hobart is pure magic

hobart tasmania
Winters day in Hobart

Hobart turned into a winter wonderland in early August of this year. Snow down to sea level hadn’t happened for over 20 years. It was a moment of pure magic to wake up to this sight.

I simply set up my tripod on our bedroom balcony, took some shots and stood there marvelling at the beauty nature had dished up for us.

7-Cradle Mountain is so majestic  

maria island
Dove Lake long exposure

Dove Lake on a winter’s morning was an awesome experience. I stood there in silence and breathed in the cold clear mountain air. At that time of the morning I had the lake and mountains to myself and I really enjoyed shooting some long exposures of this majestic spot.

8-Tasmania’s nights are enthralling  

hobart tasmania
Richmond Bridge at night

This night capture of the famous Richmond Bridge has been one of my most lauded photographs. I love how the backlighting adds a mysterious touch to this capture which is beautifully complemented by the streaky cloud effect achieved through leaving the shutter open for a long time.

9-Mount Wellington is so close to the city

The Tasman Bridge (main photo) connecting Hobart’s western and eastern shores is such a distinctive landmark and a fabulous photography spot, especially from the eastern side of the bridge. Mt Wellington provides a wonderful background at sunset and blue hour and you can achieve great star bursts from the bridge by shutting down the aperture to f/22

10-Mount Field National Park is an enchanted forest

maria island
Horseshoe Falls

I know Russell Falls at Mt Field National Park is far more popular than its smaller cousin a bit further up the hill, but for me Horseshoe Falls are just so picturesque. The lush rainforest and deep green mossy rocks are a wonderful backdrop to the aptly named falls. I always feel so calm when I look at this image.

Discover Tasmania

For more ideas on interesting places to visit in Tasmania see www.discovertasmania.com.au

10 reasons to visit Tasmania now

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