20 things to do before you die in Tasmania

20 things to do before you die in Tasmania

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things to do before you die in Tasmania
Cradle Mountain. Photo: Jason Charles Hill

Named by Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 regions in the world to visit in 2015, Tasmania has plenty of experiences to put on your bucket list. Here are our top 20.

1-Take a scenic flight to the Southwest Wilderness

The Southwest Wilderness is a pristine World Heritage region that you can visit as a day trip from Hobart. Touch down at Melaleuca and hike along the boardwalk. The forest is home to the endangered orange-bellied parrot.

things to do in tasmania 6
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Adam Gibson

2-Sleep in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere’s deepest freshwater lake at Pumphouse Point

Pumphouse Point is a focal point of a visit if you want to experience history and the natural environment Lake St Clair is famous for. The house is now a hotel where visitors receive five-star treatment.

things to do in tasmania 18
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Adam Gibson

3-Eat oysters shucked straight from the ocean

The oyster industry in Tasmania is booming. Chow down on the freshest oysters prepared by a world-class chef. When paired with a glass of Tasmanian bubbly, these delicious delights are heavenly. Tasmanian sparkling wines have been winning awards on the world stage.

things to do in tasmania 9
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Alice Bennett

4-Walk the Three Capes Track

The Three Capes Track hugs some of Australia’s highest sea cliffs. From the cliffs, you get a view of the vast ocean. Another way to experience the area is on the Tasman Island Eco Cruise along coastline, from Port Arthur to Eaglehawk Neck. From the water, the view of the cliffs, waterfalls and caves are awe inspiring.

things to do in tasmania 16
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Sarajayne Lada

5-Soak up art and culture at MONA

Everyone’s talking about Mona, the Museum of Old and New Art. Mona is a private art museum that is unlike any other in Australia. The museum breaks all rules. A visit to Mona might shock and delight you.

things to do in tasmania 1
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Scott Sporleder Matador

6-Sip whisky at an award-winning Highland distillery

Having won a prestigious award at the World Whiskies Award, Tasmania has cemented its presence in the world of whiskies. Sullivans Cove’s French Oak Cask variety was named the global winner, beating a top-notch pool of single malt entries. Sip and enjoy!

20 things to do before you die (in Tasmania)
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Ian Jeanneret

7-Hunt for ghosts in Port Arthur

Port Arthur is a World Heritage site that was once a prison. The spookiest time to visit is at night, when guides show you around haunted buildings and recount terrifying stories about ghostly experiences. If you believe in ghosts, this tour isn’t for the faint-hearted but nevertheless, one of the top Tasmania attractions.

things to do in tasmania 8
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Nosh Mistry

8-Hike the Overland Track

Tasmania’s most famous alpine walk, the Overland Track, is a multi-day hike through stunning scenery. From Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair National Park, trekkers will enjoy amazing views of waterfalls, Australia’s deepest lake (Lake St Clair) and highest peak (Mt Ossa).

things to do in tasmania 19
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Don Fuchs

9-Climb Mt Strzelecki on Flinders Island

Mt Strzelecki is in Strzelecki National Park and the highest peak in the Furneaux Group of islands. It’s accessible through walking tour, which takes about four hours. The walk offers scenic views and a chance to see wildlife and fauna.

things to do in tasmania 2
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Steve Lovegrove

10-See a Tasmanian devil in the wild

The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is an endangered species found only in Tasmania hence the name. It’s known as a devil due to its temperament, colour and bone-chilling screeches.

tasmanian devil facts
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

11-Escape to the Tarkine at Corinna

Located in a pristine wilderness setting, Corinna is the place to escape to for a digital detox. Cabins are eco-friendly and you’re likely to come across wallabies grazing around your accommodation. There are walking trails and a good pub-style restaurant.

things to do in tasmania 7
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnnett

12-Learn the art of butchery at the Agrarian Kitchen

A farm-based cooking school, the Agrarian Kitchen offers hands-on classes in European-style cooking. The whole hog class is a two-day class where students are taught the process of butchering a whole pig, preparing and cooking the different parts.

things to do in tasmania 13
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Peter Wyte

13-Catch a wild brown trout on a fly

Fishing for wild brown trout in Tasmania is a challenge. Trout was introduced to Tasmania in 1864 and the state has some of the purest strains of wild brown trout in the world. There are several fly fishing operators that specialise in fly fishing tuition for novice anglers offering tours that range from one day to several days.

things to do in tasmania 12
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Warren Steptoe

14-Gaze at the Southern Lights

Tasmania is the place to gaze at Aurora Australis, most commonly known as the Southern Lights. The lights are breathtaking. They occur when the sun releases bursts of solar winds and magnetic fields into space. These solar winds carry particles that interact with earth’s magnetic field. The particles collide to produce energy that fills the sky in the form of auroras.

things to do in tasmania 10
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Paul Fleming

15-Watch the whales migrate along the east coast

Winter is whale watching season, when humpback and Southern Right whales can be spotted while migrating north. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Tasmania. The best places are Great Oyster Bay and the Mercury Passage near Freycinet. Southern right whales sometimes stay in these areas for long periods.

things to do in tasmania 4
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Joe Shemesh

16-Explore King Island

Located in the Bass Strait, between Victoria and Tasmania’s northwest coast, King Island has beautiful beaches, farms and friendly people. Pop into King Island Dairy, where Swiss-born cheesemaker Ueli Berger turns quality milk into soft, blue and cheddar cheeses.

things to do in tasmania 3
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Graham Freeman

17-Photograph the Tessellated Pavement at Eaglehawk Neck

On the Tasman Peninsula, the Tessellated Pavement is a geographic formation of flat rock surface that looks like mosaic tiles. It’s a rare natural phenomenon. A photograph at sunset, with the reflections of the sky in the water, is a souvenir to cherish.

things to do in tasmania 14
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Lee Henley

18-Go for a paddle in the Freycinet

Paddling across Coles Bay to the Hazards, Freycinet Adventures. Photo: Kathryn Leahy
Paddling across Coles Bay to the Hazards, Freycinet Adventures. Photo: Kathryn Leahy

Home to Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park is a top spot for a kayak tour. The scenery is stunning, especially the jagged granite outcrops known as the Hazards. These striking mountains stretch towards the sky, up to 300m high and the pink granite changes colour with the weather.

19-White water rafting on the Franklin River

Take a wild ride on a white-water rafting adventure on the Franklin River. This Wilderness World Heritage area is one of the last untamed wild rivers in the world. It’s a challenging adventure in one of Australia’s most remote areas, the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park up close.

things to do in tasmania 5
Photo: Tourism Tasmania & Wolfgang Glowacki

20-Search for the Tasmanian Tiger

The Tasmanian tiger is a rare species that became extinct around the 20th century. A few years ago, a German tourist claimed to have snapped a photo of a tiger. These images fuelled speculation of a lost population. So keep your hands on your lens in case you’re lucky enough to snap the million-dollar shot.

tasmanian tiger
Photo: Tasmanian Museum Art Gallery

Do you have any more things to do before you die in Tasmania?

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20 things to do before you die in Tasmania

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