4 Stunning Places In Canada That Couples Will Love

Instagrammer Kyle Mulinder @BareKiwi describes why Canada is great for couples

4 Stunning Places In Canada That Couples Will Love


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places to see in canada
Panmure Island Lighthouse. Photos: Kyle Mulinder (Bare Kiwi)

Canada was the first country I ever travelled to. Many years ago, I spent a couple of summers living on Quadra Island, where I worked as a sea kayak guide. So, I was most excited to be going back to explore more of what this amazing country had to offer. I was also lucky to have my partner Lisa join me. Here are my four best places to visit in Canada for couples.

1-Nova Scotia

Places to visit in Canada
Halifax Waterfront

Lisa and I went on an epic road trip through Nova Scotia and then onto Prince Edward Island. Both places have beautiful historic towns and relaxed vibes, making them great destinations for couples.

Halifax was our favourite place in Nova Scotia. We had fun exploring the boardwalk, which was lined with gift shops and souvenir shops. We loved the food outlets with all the Canadian staples like poutine, lobster rolls and beavertails aka fancy waffles.

places to see in canada
UNESCO World Heritage Site, Old Town Lunenburg

2-Prince Edward Island

places to see in canada
Panmure Island Lighthouse.

This was the most epic sunrise I had ever seen and we almost didn’t make it!

Lisa and I were out the door before 5.30am to get to Panmure Island Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island for a sunrise shot. However, we could already see the sun peeking over the horizon on our drive there.

We made it there just in time and somehow managed to pick a really good spot. It was a complete stab in the dark and luck was on our side as we had no idea if the sun would rise behind the lighthouse.


best places to visit in Canada
Kluane Lake

Yukon is vast, wild and largely untouched, which makes it an absolute dream destination for the adventurer in me.

Kluane National Park is a place you must visit in Yukon. It’s enormous and there’s so much to explore. To appreciate how the large the mountains are in the park, Lisa and I went on a scenic flight over the glaciers.

The area is surrounded by the world’s largest non-polar ice fields. The sheer scale of the mountains and the colours of the glaciers will blow you away.

best places to visit in Canada
Kluane National Park

Another highlight was our hike through Kluane National Park. Lisa and I tackled the Sheep Mountain Trail with our bear spray in hand.

I came across fresh bear footprints along the way and tried to convince Lisa they were dog prints, but she didn’t seem convinced.

The views were amazing from the lookout when we finally reached it and it felt like we were out in the wild.

4-British Columbia

best places to visit in Canada
Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island

It was great to be back in my old stomping ground in British Columbia.

When I was here last as a sea kayak guide, I’d head out with clients on a five-day trip through the Johnstone Strait searching for orcas, whales, dolphins and sea lions.

The weather may have been a little dreary but that didn’t deter the wildlife!

We watched humpback whales hanging out in a cove, witnessed a pod of around 50 resident orcas cruise past our boat and spotted bald eagles spying on us from the trees above.

I’ve had the best time in Canada and I truly can’t wait to return again.

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Places to visit in Canada


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