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Annabel Candy


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annabel candy

Most people love to travel but I’ve based my life round it. So far I’ve visited over 40 countries, lived in eight of them and have both British and Kiwi passports. But don’t hold that against me.

I was born and raised in the UK and have lived in France, the USA, Zimbabwe, Laos, New Zealand, Costa Rica and now Australia. I created my travel blog Get In the Hot Spot shortly after settling in Queensland to share my travel and wellbeing stories. I joke that Get In the Hot Spot is a hobby gone mad but it’s really my creative playground, dream board and fun place to hang out with a travel loving community.

Since creating Get In the Hot Spot I’ve been honoured to work with a wide range of travel brands, be invited on press trips to Canada, Japan, Italy, Zimbabwe and China and work with DMOs around Australia and the world.

A recent highlight of my travel blogging career was being invited to film the Catalunya Experience TV travel show in Spain. That involved travelling round Catalonia for a week while being accompanied by a 12 person film crew.

They created a unique tour for me which included private tours of Casa Mila and Montserrat Monastery, climbing Mount Montseratt, skiing in the Pyrenees, travelling by private helicopter and partying at a crazy candy-throwing carnival in Vilanova.

So these days I’m probably best known as an adventurous, wildlife-loving travel blogger but I’m still a copywriter, the co-director of boutique web marketing agency Mucho and proud mother to the three Candy kids too.


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