Jason Stephens (Instagram) Interview

Jason Stephens (Instagram) Interview


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Photography has become a huge part of Jason Stephens’ life since taking it up in 2011. Living in Tasmania, with plenty of places to go in Tasmania to take beautiful photograms, this Tasmanian loves the outdoors and has discovered that being able to capture moments and memories is a rewarding hobby.

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Photos: Jason Stephens

Growing up in remote Ulverstone in Tasmania, Jason moved to Melbourne for work but after five years found himself back in Tassie.

Now he lives in Launceston with his wife and two sons and when he’s not dsigning floor and roof trusses at the Tasmanian Timber Company, you might bump into Jason in the wilds of Tasmania letting his creativity flow.

Here are some insights on how to juggle a job and a growing instagram account @jasonlstephens

When do you find time for photography and your IG account?

Weekends are generally my time for photography (or of a night when it least disrupts my family duties…though I do stretch those boundaries!). I am very lucky to have an understanding wife.

Instagram is something I like to use on a regular basis, either during my lunch break while at work, on weekends whilst on the go or when I am relaxing at home.

It’s a great format to follow people with a similar interest and there’s always inspiring photos to admire.

Are you a professional photographer?

Launceston Autumn

I have had my Instagram account for almost two years, though I’ve only started taking it seriously in the last six months.

It’s great fun sharing images and also fun following people and friends with a similar interest.

I have had no professional training in photography, although I have had some amazing photographers share advice and guidance along the way.

Likewise, I like to help others when I can by providing advice or partnering on location for a shoot.

Do you have a photography philosophy?

east coast tasmania
NW Coast

I shoot what I see…I try to let the picture speak for itself.

Have you travelled much?

As I live in Tasmania, I get around this beautiful state as often as possible but I haven’t been everywhere in Tasmania.

Let’s just say I have seen quite a bit, but nowhere as much as I would like.

I haven’t spent much time in the southern Tasmania and would love to explore that region as well as the west coast, especially the Tarkine.

Tell us about your best “wow” moment  

One memory that will never escape my mind was the first time I captured an Aurora Australis over Cradle Mountain at Dove Lake.

It was a bucket list experience.

Where you take your mum in Tasmania?

I would take Mum to Tasmania’s East Coast, then onto Hobart then up to the Central Highlands and end up at Cradle Mountain.

I am sure my mother wouldn’t mind stopping every 10km for me to take a photo.

I have a spare camera and I could teach her some tricks along the way!

I have never experienced this with Mum so thank you for the inspiration to travel with her in the future.

What’s your favourite spot and why?

cradle mountain
Cradle Mountain

Easily Cradle Mountain National Park, for its endless scenery.

The area is wild yet calming.

There’s lots of the national park I have not seen and hope to in the future.

Do you prefer the beach or mountains?

cradle mountain

Hmm this is the hardest question so far (apart from where to travel with my Mum).

Well, I grew up on a beach and have so many fond memories spending every spare moment with friends and family enjoying the coastline, so I will have to choose the beach.

Although, the mountains are very special also, and as I am only a newcomer to exploring mountains they fill me with the excitement of experiencing something new.

Favourite restaurant: Burgers Got Soul. I am a massive gourmet burger fan.

Favourite beach: Ocean Beach, Strahan. Wow that beach is just incredible!

Favourite town: Ulverstone. My hometown that has some of my fondest life moments.

Favourite spa: Whichever hotel room has one…..don’t visit them to be honest!

If you had to move to somewhere else in Tasmania where would you choose to live?

cradle mountain

Bruny Island because it’s remote yet livable and such a beautiful part of Tasmania.

Most romantic place you’ve been to?  

cradle mountain

Cradle Mountain.

It snowed in November (summer) whilst I was visiting for a wedding anniversary.

My wife had never been in the snow while it was falling.

It was a beautiful moment to share with the person I love the most.

Where do you go to reflect?  

east coast tasmania
Liffey Falls

Liffey Falls.

The sound of the flowing water of a waterfall is something I find relaxing.  

I have been known to just visit there without my camera to sit and soak it all in.

Here are some of my favourite spots in Tasmania.

Do you have any advice for photographers visiting Tasmania?

Bring clothes for every season of the year. And please do not be under the impression you will see everything in two weeks.

Three places or things on your bucket list

1- Tarkine  – Adjacent to the famous Cradle Mountain lies the Tarkine, one of Tasmania’s exciting wilderness frontiers. The Tarkine is mysterious and intriguing.

2- Walls of Jerusalem National Park -The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is remote region that is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage.  

3- Climbing the peak of Mt Ossa – Mount Ossa (1617m) is Tasmania’s highest peak and in the heart of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

Jason Stephens lives in Launceston Tasmania.

Jason Stephens


  1. This is so marvelous, so magical. I would surely like to take some lessons for photography from Jason Stephen. 🙂 Very nice shots. Keep up the great work.

  2. Those pictures are stunning! You should allow us to download them for wallpapers haha I love pictures of real life that look fake or photo-shopped but are not. Very well done! I have never gotten a beautiful picture like that but I hope to once I get my new camera.


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