Stuart Gibson (photographer) Interview

Stuart Gibson (photographer) Interview


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Hobart-based photographer Stuart Gibson specialises in ocean photography. As Stuart’s photography work takes him overseas and his assignments are mostly to do with the ocean, he gets to hang out in cool places like Fiji. For a photographer and a surfer this would have to be one of the best jobs in the world. And according to Stuart, most of the time, it doesn’t feel like work. A typical day at work could mean shooting water photos or –  when he’s home in Tasmania – he’s usually busy catching up on editing and drone photography jobs.

Here’s a peek into Stuart’s amazing life as an ocean photographer. Follow Stu’s adventures here @stugibson

How do you juggle photography and Instagram? 

surf photography
Jarryd foster stern. Stuart Gibson

Photography kind of takes over your life so it’s not really a question of finding time to take photographs; rather it’s more like finding time when I’m not shooting or planning a shoot. 

Instagram is just another platform to show my images.

I try not to get too caught up in it all. I just post a photo each day. It only takes a few minutes. 

I’ve been a photographer for over 10 years now and on Instagram for about three years.

How do you approach photography?

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Marti paradisis stern

I don’t think about it too much, if it’s not fun for me to shoot, I find my images lack creativity.

So I try to shoot things that interest me and things I would do for fun.

Is there anywhere in Tasmania you haven’t been?  

I’ve been lucky enough to know a lot of fisherman so I’ve covered the majority of the Tassie coastline.

There are some inland hikes in Tassie I’d like to tick off but my list is getting pretty short.

Tassie is small but you can repeat so much because each place is always different from day to day.

My most memorable trip was the Discovery Surf trip to Pedra Branca (an islet in the Southern Ocean off the southern coast of Tasmania) in 2009.

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Pedra branca

Where would you take your Mum?

She would want to go to the East Coast of Tasmania but she’s done that 100’s of times so I’d make her do the Three Capes Track.

Favourite spot

Shipstern bluff

Beach or mountains?  

Beach unless the mountains have snow

Favourite restaurant?

Orizuru but it recently closed. I’m looking for a new favourite!

Favourite beach?

South East Cape

Favourite town?

Cremorne and Bicheno.

I’d choose to live in Bicheno if I had to move somewhere else in Tasmania.

Most romantic place?

Cape Pillar

When things get too much where do you go to get away from it all?  

I swim the ocean, hike the bush, ride a mountain.

Favourite spa?  

The ocean

Best places to photograph in Tasmania?

Shipstern Bluff

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Mick hoult

Do you have any advice for photographers (or surfers) visiting Tasmania?

Enjoy and good luck!

Stuart Gibson


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