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Tripadvisor’s most prolific reviewer

I am a travel enthusiast. When I’m not traveling, I’m travel planning or writing on TripAdvisor where I post under the name BradJill. In addition to being a destination expert for Hong Kong and Macau on the TripAdvisor forums, I have also been recognized as the website’s most prolific reviewer over the past six years.

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My history of travel started at a young age in the form of weekend fishing trips with my father and grandfather in the state of Oklahoma, U.S.A. As a young boy, I loved these trips – waking up early, long drives, cold mornings on the water and seeing new places.

Today, this passion for travel remains unaltered. I still wake up excited and eager on travel days. But now my travel world is much larger.

Those long drives have been replaced with overseas flights, the cold mornings fishing swapped for early game drives in Africa and those new places have become cities and countries around the world.

Traveling has been very good to me over the years; it has taken me to over 70 countries and it is how I met my wife and travel partner, Jill. We go everywhere together and this is why I post on TripAdvisor as BradJill.

Outside of travel, I spend my days working as a director and teacher at the Lemon Tree Learning Centre in Hong Kong, experimenting in our kitchen and relaxing in Macau.


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