Paul Fleming

Paul Fleming


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Photo by Justin Hyde

‘Chasing inspiring moments’ became my motto in 2014, and it seems the journey is only just beginning!

Living on the island of Tasmania, I’m surrounded by inspiring landscapes and light on a daily basis, ensuring my social media feeds are regularly filled with beautiful places and moments to share.

Before Instagram came into my life in 2012, I had already forged a well-regarded professional career in the tourism industry, including an honours degree in tourism and working in the private and public sectors of the industry for destination development, planning and research.

Paul Fleming

A professional highlight came when I was co-editor of a series of handbooks on community based tourism, to be used in developing regions internationally to help alleviate poverty through self-empowerment; published by the UN Centre for Trade and Development.

Previously I was focussed on the background of the industry; providing key information to keep DMO’s and operators on track. Yet through the Instagram app I discovered I had a knack for connecting people to place through my photography and words. And unlike the number crunching and analysis jobs before, this ‘job’ has never really felt like work!

As my Instagram profile gained attention for my consistency of style, voice and on-brand delivery of experiences, further opportunities came my way.

Destination and experience advocacy through my social accounts does take up a profound amount of my time to keep it chugging along – but the rewards are overwhelmingly worth it.  Numerous famils to Canada and across Australia and working one-on-one with operators in Tasmania has been a encouraging reward through opportunities that just a few years ago I could not have predicted.

As the leading Tasmania-focused Instagrammer, opportunities to assist operators and industry with their social needs is a continuing core business strength, in Australia and internationally.

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