Carla Grossetti

Carla Grossetti


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Carla Grossetti

In no particular order, I would describe myself as a food geek, a committed traveller, a green thumb, eanvironmentalist, proud parent and passionate cook. The memories I most cherish might not be categorised as seismic, but they tend to share similar themes: that is, they often involve the ritual of sharing food with family and friends, exploring the globe or both. Be it around the family table, or at a roadside taqueria in Mexico or lost in the labyrinthine markets in Marrakesh, it’s the stories and anecdotes that spring from such experiences that continue to inspire and thrill me.

As a cadet reporter in Far North Queensland, part of my hectic week’s workload included compiling copy for the local travel pages. Every weekend, I dutifully reported on my adventures: heading skyward in a wicker basket pulled by a balloon filled with hot air, getting airborne while attached to a bungee cord, hurtling out of planes or tumbling down the Tully River in a raft.

Since then, my adventures became more far-flung – from hitchhiking across Europe to living in a palapa on the beach in Mexico, to travelling around India on trains, buses and tuk-tuks and living on mung beans while camped in the Mentawais. Since having children, my focus has again widened to include family holidays that continue to stretch my imagination.

As an accredited journalist with more than two decades’ experience, I fell into freelancing 14 years ago and have not looked back. Since that time, I have contributed to publications such as Good Food, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, Australian Traveller, Good Weekend, Voyeur, Feast, Luxury Travel and Cuisine.

What I love most about my job is how it puts me in touch with everyone from everyday people to artisans, world-class chefs, creative types, environmental warriors and apple-cheeked farmers, all of whom have great stories to tell. I am a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers and have also worked as an editor and proofreader for Penguin Australia, Allen & Unwin and Murdoch Books.


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