Italian Riviera seaside towns

The Italian Riviera is beckons with picturesque bays, suntanned bodies, rocky alcoves and colourful towns. You'll find beaches and coves packed with beach chairs. So...

European Christmas Markets Cruise

Experience the wonder of a white Christmas on a cruise along the Rhine and Main Rivers. The scenery is some of Europe’s most picturesque, an...

Things to do in Munich

Discover art, music, Rococo churches, nude sunbathing and river surfing in the German capital of beer. Here are some classic things to do in Munich. 1-Oktoberfest Starting...

10 things to do in Vienna Austria

Have a ball in the home of palaces, museums, music, art and coffee. Here are 10 things to do in Vienna Austria. 1-Explore Imperial Vienna The legacy...

Thrilled to explore Museo Del Cinema Torino in Italy

Soak up celluloid bliss at Museo del Cinema Torino in Turin, Italy. The museum is an Italian temple to cinema. Museo del Cinema After a long...

The Magic of the Danube River Cities in Europe

A European river cruise is a luxurious way of exploring Danube river cities and discovering countries that were once behind the iron curtain. The Serbian...

10 things to do in Lucerne Switzerland

With ancient buildings and bridges, awe-inspiring scenery of mountains and lakes, Lucerne is a picture-book city. Here are 10 things to do in Lucerne Switzerland. Mountain...

Things To Do in Vienna – Museums

Good coffee, music and art can be found in the historic capital of Europe’s largest empire. Wandering through Vienna's Sisi Museum, I was surprised to...

Green Spain | Mysteries of Cantabria

I find myself standing in a dark chamber watching a documentary about how a young girl stumbled upon one of the world’s most significant...

Santillana del Mar | Storybook Spain

The minute my eyes rest on the cobblestone streets of Santillana del Mar, I think I’ve been transported into a set of a Grimm’s...


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Shopping in Macao – 7 Fun and Quirky Stores

One of the great pleasures of Macao is that even though it’s one of the world’s major vacation destinations, it has managed to retain...