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Dream explore discover the world’s most amazing places. Our earth is full of wonderful destinations you will love. While we cover most of the world, the places we know best are Asia, Australia, North America and parts of Europe.

What are the best places to explore in the world?

There are so many choices that making a list is just too difficult. Where to choose depends on what kind of traveller you are. Check out latest stories for some exciting options.

Where to explore in Asia?

Asia is a huge continent with beautiful and diverse landscapes. There are many different cultures and a rich history. China is the largest country in Asia with many undiscovered regions to explore. We have lots of ideas on where to go in Macao, for its cool Portuguese history, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and Singapore.

Looking for somewhere off-the-beaten-track to explore?

Have you been to Cuba or Sri Lanka? Intrepid travellers might like Nepal or Bhutan while those who love culture might love to explore India for history, culture and amazing places.

macau events
As the high-roller set alongside wannabe tycoons and hipsters from nearby Hong Kong converge in Macau to live the high life, there are some of us who would like to get in on the action but without having to break the piggy bank. Macau, arguably rated as the world’s largest...
cameron highlands things to do
The attractions in Cameron Highlands have not changed a great deal since the time when impeccably dressed British civil servants escaped there to grow roses, go on long country walks among green rolling hills and snuggle up in front of their fireplaces in charming Tudor-style bungalows. Looking for a...
st lazarus
When it comes to beautiful and memorable places in Macau, images of Senado Square, the Ruins of St. Paul and Taipa Village quickly come to mind. However, it is the St Lazarus district that I find to best exemplify Macau’s charm and beauty. St Lazarus is the smallest of the...
Australian Pubs

10 Great Australian Pubs

At the end of a day’s travelling, there’s often nothing better than sitting back with a cool drink on the shady verandah of a country pub and quietly surveying the local scene. Here’s my guide to some of the best small-town Australia pubs.  Even if you're not a regular patron...
map of macau
I'm standing in Macau's Senado Square, when an American couple asked, “What is there to see besides casinos?” “Pretty much anything you’d want!” I could have shouted, but probably the best thing I could have done is handed them this walking tour around St Paul's ruins. My love affair with Macau...
Bruny Island oysters
Have you ever gone on a trip you enjoyed so much you ended up moving to your holiday destination? That’s what happened to Stephanie Sutcliffe. Her first visit to Tasmania, a few years ago, left such a big impression she ended up moving there. “I came to Bruny Island and saw...