Craig Tansley

Craig Tansley


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Craig Tansley

The Adventure Seeker

I’m a freelance travel writer based in St Kilda, Melbourne, but most of the time I seem to be somewhere else. For the past 14 years I’ve had no office and have spent far too much time on airplanes and in hotel rooms around the world, getting to around 50 countries or so in my quest to see as much of Earth as I possibly can while someone else is (generally) paying for it.

I’ve written for most of Australia’s leading travel publications – from the Australian Financial Review to the Sydney Morning Herald to News Corporation’s Escape travel section and glossy magazines such as Luxury Travel and Australian Traveller, and beyond our shores for the likes of the UK’s Sunday Times and Indonesia’s DestinAsian.

I’m sure I got the travel bug from an unusual childhood spent in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands before moving to Byron Bay. Paradise was on my back door all those formative years, perhaps it makes sense I’ve spent most of my adult years looking to top it.

After a degree in journalism at the Queensland University Of Technology it didn’t take me long to fall into the areas that interested me most (death knock stories weren’t for me!)… first, as a writer for a surfing magazine that took me around the globe on the surfing circuit and then for a music magazine before finally moving into travel in 2000.

These days I write about a variety of travel aspects and destinations – though it’s always been the adventure side of travel that’s hooked me most. I specialise as much as I can in snowboarding (and spend a month or so a year in ski resorts around the globe), surfing, golf, hiking, biking and other physical pursuits; but then I’m just as comfortable with my feet up staring out to sea on an island somewhere (preferably with a cocktail).

Friends jokingly refer to me as a ‘lagoon specialist’ – but then I do spend a lot of time in the South Pacific! Having grown up there, it never leaves your blood and aside from the Cook Islands, you can often find me in French Polynesia, Samoa or Fiji.

When I’m not off researching stories, I’m no doubt somewhere in Melbourne day-dreaming about the next island I want to find.


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