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I’m an amateur travel and wildlife blogger with a keen interest in photography and video creation and a Level 6 contributor to TripAdvisor with a readership of 125,000.

I live on the Sunshine Coast (it’s the best midlife crisis and sea change anyone could ever ask for) and grew up in Bolton, Lancashire, England (famous for the Pet Shop sketch in Monty Python, and ‘where the M1 becomes cobbled…’).

My love for travel comes from my husband whose passion it really is, so I have to go with him to keep him out of harm’s way and too much mischief (he loves to dive with sharks…)

With my husband Tony, who is a keen recreational scuba diver and shark diver, we’ve been around the world in search of adventures with a difference.

I particularly enjoy snow skiing and am a qualified level II Canadian Instructor but also love bushwalking, kayaking, road cycling and anything to do with wildlife or animals.

The most exotic place I’ve been to is Toberua Island in Fiji. It’s the smallest island I have ever been to and totally infested with venomous banded sea snakes.

We played golf on the reef at low tide and enjoyed being called to dinner by the sound of the local drum (all watches are banned and removed as soon as you set foot on the island’s jetty!).

By day I’m a medical doctor. After hours I blog at

The first thing I do when I arrive in a new destination is to unpack and start plugging in our extension cord and board, setting up all the mobile phone chargers, camera chargers and battery packs. Life was much simpler when we didn’t have smartphones.

Irene Isaacson

My most memorable trips were climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, and the challenge and the fun of watching my husband Tony trying to take a panoramic shot at the top with his tongue to activate his iPad as his fingers were too frozen, being on a liveaboard in the Galapagos Islands and volunteering at Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre.

Volunteering was a life-changing experience and being around so many different types of African wildlife and working with them on a one to one basis is something you would never get the chance to do at home in Australia.

My top travel tips are:

1-Travel as light as you can (as you will still bring things home you never used)

2-Get a local sim for your phone as soon as you land

3-Seek out all the local free Wi-Fi spots so you can stay in touch with friends and family

On my bucket list is a dream to celebrate my 60th birthday on Socotra Island, once I can work out where it is and how to get there! I’d also love to swim with the whale sharks and mantas on Ningaloo Reef and to volunteer with as many wildlife organisations as I can afford before I die.

My favourite country is South Africa, for the stunning sunsets and the wildlife adventures and the great exchange rate.

My travel philosophy is to do it now while you are still healthy and fit and before it becomes a virtual experience (the way future technologies are going…).



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