Jean-François Gourdon

Jean-François Gourdon

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After attending a business school and obtaining a Press law and management masters from Sciences-Po Rennes, Jean-François Gourdon became a publisher for fifteen years and, subsequently, a journalist (working for famous French newspapers, Le Figaro) specializing in features.

Jean-François Gourdon has acquired more than 20 years of professional experience with the media.

Following the planning of a cruise for his readers, he created a specialized magazine and website and became the French specialist of cruises.

Jean-François Gourdon is the author of the book” Les plus bellescroisières du monde “(The World’s most beautiful cruises) published by Ouest-France press group.

Relying on these numerous and diversified achievements, he became “Communication and Press Director” of the Monaco Government and Tourist Authority on October 1st, 2008.