Jim Byers

Jim Byers

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Jim Byers

I was a reporter for 32 years at the Toronto Star, the largest daily paper in Canada and one of the biggest in North America. I spent most of his career covering politics and sports, including the Toronto Blue Jays and also six Olympic Games from Sydney in 2000 to Vancouver in 2010.


I served as Travel Editor from 2008 to 2013, when I opted to leave and pursue a freelance career.

I write twice a month for the Star and also contributes a five-day-a-week blog at www.thestar.com/travel

In addition to working for the Star, I appear regularly in Zoomer magazine in Canada and West Jet airlines’ magazine, Up!

I love just about anywhere in Canada, especially if there are lakes and mountains. Luckily we have a few of each.

I also love gardening, a great beach, a nice vineyard that serves up ripe Cabernet Sauvignon and authentic Hawaiian music. Yeah, that’s a weird combination.


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