20 Places To Visit On A Las Vegas to Salt Lake City Road Trip 

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A Las Vegas to Salt Lake City road trip is a great way to explore up to three states and enjoy amazing cities, natural landmarks and historical sites. Completing the drive without stops takes approximately 7 hours 45 minutes and covers 515 miles (828.81 km). Break up your journey and explore parts of Nevada, Arizona and Utah that you may not have had the chance to visit before.

Rather than rushing to complete your drive, take a day or two to explore the cities of Las Vegas, Boulder, Cedar and Salt Lake. See the incredible sites of the Grand Canyon and marvel at ancient communications through petroglyphs in national parks. There’s much to do and see on a Las Vegas to Salt Lake City road trip. Here are 20 suggestions to get you started.

Las Vegas to Salt Lake City 

20 Places To Visit On A Las Vegas to Salt Lake City Road Trip

1- Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas sign
An iconic photo stop is at the Las Vegas sign.

Begin your road trip in Las Vegas, a bold, brash, colourful and exciting city.

You’ll either love Las Vegas or hate it!

If you are interested in hitting the casinos, there are many casinos to spend hours in, however, there is much more to this Nevada city than cards.

Explore the canals on a relaxing gondola ride at the spectacular Venetian Hotel.

While this is a world away from a gondola ride in Venice, the journey is still pleasant, and the surroundings are tastefully designed.

Life-size models of some of the most famous sites in Venice can also be found in the hotel.

Take in the impressive views over Las Vegas from the top of the Strat Tower.

The top of the tower has views stretching over the entire city and strip and desert beyond and even has some theme park rides for those feeling brave.

2- Valley of Fire State Park, NV

Valley of Fire State Park - Nevada
Valley of Fire State Park is a stunning natural attraction to explore when travelling from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas.

Pack your camera and explore the unique and intriguing beauty of Valley of Fire State Park.

The park spans an incredible 46,000 acres (18,600 ha) of naturally-formed red-striped sandstone which has colours that grow richer throughout the day.

For the best photographic opportunities, visit the park at sunrise or sunset.

Within the national park, there are also petroglyphs dating back more than 2000 years.

Valley of Fire provides a visitor centre with further information about these markings and the history and geography of the area.

If you decide to spend more than a day exploring the natural beauty in the Valley of Fire, campsites are available to book in advance or from the camping offices in the park.

Driving from Las Vegas to Valley of Fire State Park covers 52.1 miles (83.85 kilometres) and takes approximately 1 hour.

3- Boulder City, NV

Head back into the city and spend some time in Boulder City, which is often overlooked in favour of its bigger neighbour Las Vegas.

Boulder City has a lot to offer, including nature at Hemenway Park, where the native Mojave Desert wildlife roams freely.

Expect to see bighorn sheep in summer and fall while relaxing around the park.

Window shop around downtown and enjoy the neighbourhood’s relaxed and almost Californian vibes.

Many of the stores downtown are boutique and unique, including a range of antique shops, coffee shops for a welcome break, and shops selling souvenirs linking to the state’s alien ties.

Driving from Valley of Fire State Park to Boulder City covers 66.6 miles (107.18 kilometres) and takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

4- Hoover Dam, NV

Hoover dam USA
Hoover Dam is an iconic landmark to visit when driving from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City.

A short drive from Boulder City is the famous Hoover Dam, an impressive concrete construction on Lake Mede and the Colorado River.

Boulder City was created to provide workers somewhere to live and relax in while they built the dam.

This massive dam was once the highest dam in the world and took five years to complete, with President Franklin D. Roosevelt opening the arch-gravity dam in 1936.

You can join a tour inside Hoover Dam with a knowledgeable guide showing you many passageways and the power plant itself.

Driving from Boulder City to Hoover Dam covers 7.7 miles (12.39 kilometres) and takes approximately 15 minutes.

5- Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Silver SUV driving in Utah
Jump in a car and head off on an exciting Las Vegas to Salt Lake City driving vacation.

No visit to Arizona would be complete without marvelling at the vast red rocks of the Grand Canyon.

The canyon spans 278 miles (447 km) and crosses parts of the Colorado River.

It’s easy to see why the Grand Canyon is world-famous as the sight of it is unrivalled in its depth, vastness and beauty.

The canyon is formed of vivid red rocks that have been eroded over millions of years, leaving a canyon dotted with tall rock spires, shelves jutting out and plenty of adventure opportunities.

There are many hiking trails along the park’s Rim Trails, and shuttle tour busses for those wanting to see more of the canyon.

Camping is also available, with several campgrounds for both tents and RVs around the canyon.

Driving from Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon National Park covers 239 miles (384.63 kilometres) and takes approximately 3 hours 45 minutes.

6- Brigham Young Winter Home, UT

Brigham Young Winter Home is a historical site and museum set inside the home of Brigham Young, an important Mormon pioneer and a key part of Utah’s story.

Young was the second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church.

The home is typically a pioneer in architecture, with a wooden facade and wrap-around porch.

It was used by Young predominately in winter due to the warmer weather experienced in Utah and you can learn more about this important figure in Utah by touring his home.

A dedicated team from the church leads tours around his home, which is filled with furniture, decorative items, books and more from the President’s life in the house.

Driving from Grand Canyon to Brigham Young Winter Home covers 248 miles (399.12 km) and takes approximately four hours.

7- St George, UT

After exploring Brigham Young Winter Home, take the short drive into the centre of St George.

The city is surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes, so spend a couple of days here to get the most out of the landscape and city life.

Uncover the history of St George at the Pioneer Museum, run by the Daughters of Utah.

The museum is filled with historical documents, newsprints and items from the first settlers in the city.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of St George by spending a day admiring a range of works at Kayenta Art Village, where you’ll find shops, restaurants, art galleries, studios and an arboretum showcasing the best of desert plant life.

Driving from Brigham Young Winter Home to St George covers 2 miles (3.22 kilometres) and takes approximately 5 minutes.

8- Zion National Park, UT

Red countryside road in Zion National Park, Utah
Zion National Park in Utah is a must-do on a Las Vegas to Salt Lake City road trip.

Zion National Park is one of Utah’s most beautiful national parks.

The park has giant sandstone cliffs, rugged rocks with narrow passages running through them and plenty of boulders.

Within the park, there are also beautiful waterfalls to discover and unique desert plant life to uncover.

Take your camera and capture the beauty of the park’s cream and pink sandstone cliffs and its unusual forests.

Like many national parks in the USA, there are also camping grounds should you wish to spend more time in this spectacular desert wilderness.

Driving from St George to Zion National Park covers 41.3 miles (66.47 km) and takes approximately 50 minutes.

9- Cedar City, UT

Cedar City is a must-visit destination in your Las Vegas to Salt Lake City road trip if you love the outdoors.

The city has unprecedented access to a range of natural landscapes and outdoor opportunities.

Spend a day hiking through Cedar Breaks National Monument, a golden sandstone gorge filled with unique geological formations.

There are many hiking trails throughout the area ranging in difficulty.

If a hike isn’t part of your plans in Cedar City, simply park and enjoy a picnic with a spectacular view.

Wander the city streets to get a feel for the local area before grabbing a bite at Centro Woodfired Pizzeria.

This trendy pizza place takes pride in every pizza, ensuring you get the crispest and tastiest slices.

Opt for a traditional cheese pizza or try something unusual like pancetta and red grape.

Driving from Zion National Park to Cedar City covers 59.1 miles (95.11 kilometres) and takes approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.

10- Parowan Gap, UT

Parowan Gap is a must-stop destination on your road trip, as this natural landmark is filled with human and natural history.

Within the parkland are more than 90 panels of petroglyphs and approximately 1500 figures carved into the rocks.

Following an extensive study of the petroglyphs, it was found that some depicted both solar and lunar calendars, calendars showing times to hunt certain animals and depictions of other planets.

Within Parowan Gap, there are also fossilised prints of dinosaur tracks to uncover which children will enjoy hunting for.

Driving from Cedar City to Parowan Gap covers 19.6 miles (31.54 kilometres) and takes approximately 30 minutes.

11- Dixie National Forest, UT

Dixie National Forest Rock Tunnel
Dixie National Forest is one of the places to see on a drive from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas.

The southern Utah forest of Dixie is the perfect place to call into for a picnic, hike or overnight stay.

Within the national forest are canyons and gorges, mountains and alpine lakes.

The forest covers around two million acres and takes up more than 170 miles (274 km) of Utah.

There are many hikes of varying challenge levels throughout the park, from short trails such as Bear Valley, covering less than a mile (less than 1.61 km), to lengthier and more advanced trails like Willow Creek and its 8-mile (12.87 km) end to end trail over varying elevations.

Whatever hiking trail you choose, or if you stop for a short walk and picnic, the beauty of Dixie National Forest is well worth pausing your journey.

Driving from Parowan Gap to Dixie National Forest covers 25.2 miles (40.56 kilometres) and takes approximately 40 minutes.

12- Red Canyon, UT

Highway to Utah Red Rock Country
Utah’s Red Rock Country is a stunning sight on a Salt Lake City to Las Vegas drive.

Another of Utah’s impressive and vast canyons to explore is Red Canyon, a canyon filled with rich red rocks that tower over the valley below.

Red Canyon is located inside Dixie National Forest and has several hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails through the canyon to take in its harshness and beauty.

Some trails are offered with a guide to help you learn more about the geology and natural history of the area.

Driving from Dixie National Forest to Red Canyon covers 16.3 miles (26.23 kilometres) and takes approximately 20 minutes.

13- Monroe, UT

Monroe is the ideal stopping destination for a rest in a small town with charming buildings, cafes and B&Bs on your road trip from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City.

Visit the Monroe Mystic Hot Springs, a natural hot spring featuring unique limestone formations and welcoming warming waters.

In the hot spring resort, numerous outdoor bathtubs offer spectacular views over the surrounding landscape and warming waters to soak in.

The naturally heated waters of Monroe offer a range of health benefits, from improving the appearance of your skin to soothing aching muscles.

Driving from Red Canyon to Monroe covers 78.2 miles (125.85 kilometres) and takes approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

14- Provo, UT

Provo Utah Temple at Sunset
Provo, Utah is another interesting place to visit when road-tripping from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City.

Spend a day or two in the lakeside city of Provo to have the best of city life and access to the waters of Utah Lake.

Stroll around downtown and admire its pretty brick buildings, relaxed vibe and range of tasty restaurants.

To learn more about the buildings in Provo, take a self-guided walking tour of 22 historical buildings.

Try something different for dinner and visit K’s Kitchen, a family-run Japanese restaurant specialising in donburi, a rice bowl topped with meat and vegetables.

Order the flavour-filled gyoza to start, followed by the salted pork donburi.

Driving from Monroe to Provo covers 130 miles (209.21 kilometres) and takes approximately two hours.

15- Utah Lake, UT

While in Provo, spend some time at Utah Lake to unwind by the water’s edge.

This large and shallow freshwater lake covers 148 square miles (383.32 square kilometres) and is filled with catfish, black bass and panfish.

Taking a fishing boat out onto the waters and fishing with a local permit is possible.

If fishing isn’t for you, hire a boat or paddleboard to explore the lake or dip in the shallows closer to shore.

Around the lake, are plenty of picnic areas, campgrounds, hiking trails and opportunities to watch and learn more about the local wildlife.

Driving from Provo to Utah Lake covers 4.4 miles (7.08 kilometres) and takes about nine minutes.

16- Bridal Veil Falls, UT

Desert road sign
A road sign in the desert pointing towards Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.

Nestled inside Provo Canyon is Bridal Veil Falls, a beautiful waterfall at the end of a pleasant and easy hiking trail.

The hike to the falls takes as little as 20 minutes and leads you through lush green forests and up part of the canyon walls.

While hiking, look for the weathered welcome sign on your arrival that reads, ‘Thank you for hiking to Bridal Veil Falls. Enjoy the cool mist’.

The water from the falls crashes into a shallow pond below, which is often enjoyed by children and adults alike for a cooling summer dip.

Driving from Utah Lake to Bridal Veil Falls covers 13.6 miles (21.89 kilometres) and takes approximately 20 minutes.

17- Park City, UT

Park City was once a prosperous silver mining town that today offers intriguing history, winter sports access and vibrant culture.

Stroll along Main Street and admire its 20th-century mining-town architecture.

The buildings house art galleries, restaurants, independent shops and plenty of stores to buy or rent outdoor equipment.

At night, Main Street is lit up with the snowcapped peaks of the mountain just visible behind.

Make the most of this dark and potentially spooky atmosphere on a Park City Ghost tour to encounter the lingering spirits of miners.

Whether you have skied before, take a day or two to explore the wintery wonderland of Deer Valley, a ski resort in the mountains.

Unlike other mountain resorts, Deer Valley only caters to skiers, which creates a perfect environment for those wanting to learn or improve their skills on the runs.

Driving from Bridal Veil Falls to Park City covers 35.9 miles (57.78 kilometres) and takes approximately 45 minutes.

18- Park City Mountain, UT

One of the mountains overlooking the mining town of Park City is Park City Mountain, a ski resort offering some of the state’s best ski and snowboard runs.

Park City Mountain is the USA’s largest ski resort, with more than 330 hiking, skiing and snowboarding trails and upwards of 40 lifts to take you to varying heights and challenge levels.

Book a room in one of the resort’s lodges and hotels to extend your stay, or head back into Park City to experience the nightlife there.

Driving from Park City to Park City Mountain covers 0.9 miles (1.45 kilometres) and takes approximately five minutes.

19- Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT

The last natural stop on your Las Vegas to Salt Lake City is Big Cottonwood Canyon, a must-visit natural landmark only a short drive from the big city.

Big Cottonwood Canyon is 15 miles (24 kilometres) long and filled with lush forests overlooked by towering mountains.

The canyon has excellent hiking trails past old and long abandoned gold and silver mines, areas to enjoy a picnic in the woodlands and quiet spots for fishing.

It’s also home to Solitude and Brighton ski resorts.

Driving from Park City Mountain to Big Cottonwood Canyon covers 39 miles (62.76 kilometres) and takes approximately one hour.

20- Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City panoramic overview
Salt Lake City

Arrive in Salt Lake City at the end of your epic road trip, the capital city of Utah.

Salt Lake City is filled with beautiful architecture, lush green parks and plenty of things to do.

Take in the stunning architecture of Temple Square, a 10-acre plot in the centre of the city home to the Mormon headquarters.

Marvel at the Natural History Museum of Utah’s impressive collections gathered from the vast canyons and valleys around the state.

This museum is part of the University of Utah and has imposing skeletons of prehistoric creatures and dedicated exhibitions focusing on Native American culture.

Driving from Big Cottonwood Canyon to Salt Lake City covers 23.7 miles (38.14 kilometres) and takes approximately 35 minutes.

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