Launceston Attractions – 10 Tips from the locals

Launceston Attractions – 10 Tips from the locals

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Launceston locals are a passionate lot, fiercely proud of their city and its multiple attractions. The affectionate nickname they proudly use for their hometown is Launnie. It’s pronounced ‘lonnie’ but don’t ever spell it that way or believe me, you will regret it. I foolishly misspelled it in a story about the top things to do in Launceston and stirred up a hornet’s nest of comments.

Outraged locals even took conducted a light-hearted poll to back their claim that the majority of Launcestonians, 76 per cent, refer to their beautiful town as ‘Launnie’. Of the rest, 15 per cent call it ‘Lonnie’ and the remainder don’t care or have another variation. I’m glad that’s settled.

Dear Launceston, please accept my deep apologies for my mistake. I promise it won’t happen again.

Here are 10 tips from locals on what to do see and do in Launceston

1 Ex-Launcestonian, photographer Mike Parry says the Eskmarket, the weekly, mostly undercover market held at the Launceston Showgrounds and Albert Hall is well worth a look and the cafe inside has great coffee and food.

Mike also says Princess Square, while fairly small compared to the city park, has one of the most spectacular ornate fountains in Australia and, if you’re a pushie, Launceston is a very bike friendly city with many designated bikeways.

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2 Saint John Craft Beer and PX Tapas are two ‘sure fire winners’ to add to your bar and restaurant list says local Sharon Geale and Deb Malour adds Street Brasserie and Novaro’s Restaurant.

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3 Also from Sharon Geale – Design Tasmania (just near the monkeys in City Park) has wonderful gifts and souvenirs or a whole dining suite should you be so inclined.

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4 Deb Malor suggests while you’re checking out the Launceston Tramway Museum (#9) at Inveresk (free Tiger Bus from the CBD during the week, or 15 minutes interesting walk) it’s worth noting that the QVMAG – Museum is at Inveresk near the tram.

Also at Inveresk is the terrific Blue Cafe for a great breakfast or lunch, which gives you the opportunity to try their good wine list. Right next to the museum is the Academy of the Arts that also has a gallery open on weekdays.

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5 Mia Nielsen’s tip is to take the shuttle bus from Launceston up to Low Head for a guided tour to see the Fairy Penguin colony.

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6 Martine Cook says she had one of the best meals ‘ever’ had at Stillwater.

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The ambiance, food and building were perfect.

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7 Mandy Gibson wants you to visit beautiful Coralyn and Hollybank where there is a tree top adventure. Here are some other adventure activities around Launceston.

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8 Jon Wilby says the The Esk BeerFest should certainly be on the list.

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9 Photographer Philip Kuruvita suggests you’ll want to take your memories of Launceston home in Launceston, a Sense of place.

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10 What hasn’t been mentioned? If you have a Launceston tip leave a comment below.

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10 Tips from the locals