Lauren Bath

Lauren Bath


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Lauren Bath

Australia’s first professional instagrammer

As Australia’s first professional instagrammer, I’m a freelance digital influencer and travel photographer who uses Instagram as my main platform. With 360,000 followers on Instagram, I have a highly engaged online community who follow my travels through the photographs I post.

My work takes me to some pretty amazing places. I’ve  swum with turtles in the Whitsundays, manta rays in Fiji and dolphins in Bunbury. I’ve travelled the sky in every size plane and helicopter known to man, including a tiger moth bi-plane. I’ve jumped out of a plane for work twice! I’ve seen Tasmanian Devils in the wild and sailed the Solway Lass. Every experience is unique and wonderful.

I love inspiring others through my work and some may even say that my own journey to becoming a professional instagrammer is inspirational.

Finding Instagram unlocked a new passion and a new life for me. Two years ago I was a chef, working in a job I hated. Before that I had never even used an SLR camera. Now, I can’t imagine life without waking up early to shoot a beautiful sunrise and scouting out locations to capture that perfect shot.

Travel, photography and Instagram are my life. Through Instagram I found photography and through photography I found travel. As my work and business continues to evolve, I’m broadening my skills to public speaking and educating others. I’m also becoming more involved in project management, connecting influencers to destinations and using my knowledge to conduct successful social media campaigns.

Helping to build an industry of social media influence in the world of tourism has been incredibly worthwhile and I hope to continue doing what I love in an industry I helped to create.

Public speaking and educational sessions

  • April 2014 – Tasting Australia “Words to Go” – Instagram and monetizing off social media presentation
  • May 2014 – Instagram presentation, International Media Marketplace, Palm Cove, Australia
  • June 2014 – Instagram practical session, 101 Humans, Human Brochure Project, Visit Canberra.
  • June 2014 – Keynote Presentation Tourism Queenslands “Digital Big Bang” – Instagram marketing
  • June 2014 – Emirates Wolgan Valley Artist in Residence program as visiting photographer
  • June 2014 – Regional Workshop in the Blue Mountains. Instagram for business.

Featured in

Television appearances

Find out more about me on my website – Lauren Bath.


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