Living in Vancouver – a calm world

Living in Vancouver – a calm world


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"A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it." It took some thought to figure this out ;) Who said it and are you sure?

The wonderful thing about Instagram is it’s a platform that allows photographers to express themselves in many different ways. Living in Vancouver has allowed Vancouver-based photographer (she describes herself as a “moment capturer”) @missyjena to express her creativity in her own special way.

She is proving that you don’t need a stream of golden sunsets and eye-popping landscapes with vibrant colours to attract a large following on Instagram. 

Born in Fiji, raised in Canada and graduated with distinction from the University of Victoria’s Faculty of Human and Social Development, Missy Jena (known as Missy Jena online, Jena to her friends and family and Miss Jena in the classroom) is building a collection of calming photographs of her home city, Vancouver. 

After 14 years working for the Vancouver School Board, in September 2015 she resigned to launch calmversation, an innovative learning model to reach more classrooms based on the success of a pilot project.

Here’s a peek into her world of calm and places in Vancouver to escape to. 


living in vancouver
If I was a bear, I might wonder what the humans found so fascinating about that ledge. . .living in Vancouver has its special moments

What was the lightbulb moment that led you to calmversation?  

I was problem-solving with two five-year-olds.

Much of my day to day activity involves teaching children how to solve problems peacefully and empathetically. 

On this particular day, I invited two little ones to have a dialogue after they had a falling out. 

Child A was visibly more upset than Child B. I said “Come on over… we’ll have a conversation and sort it out.”

I used a word that was a bit over their heads. 

His reply was: “but, Miss Jena, I don’t wanna have a comversation. I am very angry at Child B. He hurt my feelings.”

As I watched the tears stream down his face I was fascinated by his mispronunciation of the word conversation.

living in Vancouver
Living in Vancouver: Past, present and future… tiny time travellers?

Through his sobs, he repeated, “I don’t wanna have a comversation with him.”

Fair enough I thought, after today I never want to have another “con” versation either!

This moment was the precursor for bringing to the surface the concept that defines my style of communication and photography.

The word remained on my mind and in my heart long after their problem was solved. He said “comversation” I heard calmversation. 

At lunchtime, I saw a solo cloud in the sky that looked like a thought bubble.

There it was with brilliant rays of light beaming through-like a visual “ah ha- calmversation!”

I took a photo it and that evening posted the image with the floating thought… “Let’s have a calmversation… you and I”

How do you take calming photographs?

I prefer to capture neutral tone images best found on rainy, foggy and snowy days.

living in vancouver
The softest sounds…living in Vancouver makes it possible to capture these moments

Is there a process you go through?

Over the years, I have become much better at taking photos with purpose.

Prior to having an iPhone, I’d walk and think sans camera/cell phone.

Now only when a thought “calms together” in my mind do I capture the view before me.

In the stillness, I see a future. A future where hearts are on visible display. We will know the ones who are hurting, hiding and aching. We will see the ones who have lots to give. These are primitive times for technology, my friends. We will turn a corner where the future becomes fancier with kindness. Where hearts beam light based on strength. Those with hearts dimmed by confusion will be boosted by those who have plenty to give. The entire Earth will radiate a field of energy so bright, Mars will find even more water. And across the entire universe, we will be known as the compassionate globe of love and understanding. A place where joy and giggles flow freely. I see that future taking shape. The answer has and always will be within our children, my friends. They are the keys. Be good to their hearts even when yours is dimmed… And if you ever need a little boost, you can count on me to send some #calmversation your way 🙂 ?

What does a typical #calmversation photo look like?

It’s open, visually soothing, creates room to breathe and invites you in…  

living in vancouver
October was filled with many “oh wow” moments, beautiful smiles and lots of #calmversation… Excited for all that is to calm in November 🙂
living in vancouver
The building blocks of meaningful communication in a digital world.

Why is it your aim to convey a sense of calm and clarity? 

Social media is one long run on sentence, my hope is to be the comma.

How much time do you spend on Instagram? 

It’s mostly a hobby which sometimes can lead to interesting opportunities…

On average, I spend an hour a day on Instagram.

There are days I miss posting and interacting due to other commitments.  

If I am out on a photo adventure with friends, it is easy to capture moments to share. If I am out on a thinking walk along the beach, I will capture a few images.

Instagram is a vibrant spectrum of styles and personalities.

I personally prefer the light, bright and subtle section of that spectrum 😉 

How has Instagram helped you in your work and life?

Instagram is the platform which helped me develop as a photographer, connected me to amazing people across the globe and ultimately launched me into a whole new world of possibilities.

When you were growing up did you ever think you’d become a photographer?

I have always been fascinated with photographs.

Even before I could walk or talk I was studying people and stories contained within the family photo albums.

I was five years old the first time I took a photo of my mom and dad sitting on the stairs of our home.

It was an incredible honour to use my dad’s camera and a huge responsibility to make sure it didn’t hit the pavement.  

What equipment do you use?

iPhone mostly, sometimes a go pro, Sony a5000 and I recently acquired a Canon camera which I have yet to take out of the box. 

I use a few iPhone editing apps like Snapseed.

What were the photos that have received the most “likes” and comments?

My most liked media on Instagram ironically are videos I posted during the weekend Instagram launched the video feature. 


What are your top three tips for new Instagrammers?

1- Be true to yourself

2- Interact with other people (ie. likes, comments, explore hashtags)

3- Be kind

Living in Vancouver

What’s your favourite season in Vancouver?

WINTER! And why? Winter is my absolute favorite time of year in general and especially for photography – the more winter the better!

What are the best things about Vancouver?

The people, the layers of diversity and it’s a coastal location.  

living in Vancouver
Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. Living in Vancouver makes it possible.

What are your favourite places to photograph?

The beach or snowy mountaintops.   

photography tips
Once upon a tree…

Where do you like to go to escape, think and reflect?

Kits beach on a rainy day or any place with water.

Favourite restaurant 

ChiCha on Broadway

Favourite cafes 

giovane café + eatery + market a Fairmont Pacific Rim

Thomas Haas Patisserie

Favourite place to shop

South Granville Street

If you had to move somewhere else in Canada where would you pick? 

Alberta because they have pretty incredible winters.

Missy Jena is a educator and instagrammer living in Vancouver.


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Living in Vancouver


  1. I really like the idea of a ‘calmversation’ especially since it was inspired by a ‘comversation’ with children! That totally makes sense. Children really do need to have ‘calmversations’. Some of your photos are wonderful. I especially like number 4, entitled, ‘The softest sounds…’ Social media really has revolutionised art and artists and it is a wonderful way of spreading positive energy.

  2. I have been practicing taking photos that calm the body, mind and soul. Just like these do. It is not something that is easy to see for everyone, but I feel I have the mindset for it.


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