Michele Eckersley

Michele Eckersley


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Michele Eckersley

I joined World Expeditions after many years doing public relations in industries nowhere near as exciting to me as adventure travel!

I’ve always loved trekking, travelling and meeting inspirational people, so managing the PR at World Expeditions is my ideal job because I get to do all three!

Most of my most recent trekking for “work” has been in the NT – the Larapinta Trail and, most recently, in Kakadu.

Last year, I trekked in Nepal’s Everest region to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first ever ascent of Mt Everest. My writer guests and I walked up to the famous Thyangbouche Buddhist Monastery with mountaineering legends, Greg Mortimer and Brigitte Muir, so that ticked the trekking, travelling and meeting inspirational people boxes with one trip.

As well as trekking, I love anything water-based and get on – or in – water as much as I can.

I’ve ocean kayaked from Cardwell to Mission Beach up the east coast of Hinchinbrook Island – twice – and I get out on some of Sydney’s beautiful waterways as much as I can!

I love being active outside generally, so the World Ex range of multi activity holidays really appeal to me. On our last holiday, my family and I cycled, trekked, rafted and kayaked 283 km (!) across Costa Rica traversing the country under our own steam – from the Pacific Coast all the way to the Caribbean Sea. We loved it and I’m hoping to do one of our Asia trips next year.

As far as inspirational people go, I am meeting them all the time.

My colleagues here at World Ex are amazing travellers, the travel writers I get to work with are inspirational and, of course, our guides are world class.

I’m getting better now but I was a bit star struck for a while talking to mountaineering legends like Soren Kruse-Ledet, Tim Macartney-Snape, Simon Yates and Andrew Lock and adventurers like Sorrel Wilby and Gary Weare.

I’m inspired too by some of our clients – there’s one piano teacher I spoke to recently who has done 8 trips with us to all sorts of interesting places. She’s in her 70’s and still trekking with us. What a legend!!


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