Mike Green

Mike Green

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Mike Green

My name is Mike Green and I am a rather jaunty and self-deprecating writer, journalist and broadcaster who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


My work has been published in various publications including Vancouver Magazine and multiple CBC platforms such as CBC Music and CBC Winnipeg.

Lately, I could be heard across Canada as CBC’s syndicated summer food columnist performing segments in over 20 cities while making lives that much tastier.

I hold a Masters of Journalism from the University of British Columbia where my “hard hitting” thesis explored the whimsey-saturated wild mushroom foraging world (hooray for mossy forests and men with beards!). I even made a film of it with my good pal Dan Hallen, who is now a supervising producer at Montreal’s Picture This Productions.

If you are into that whole competitive cooking on television thing, then I suppose I should also mention that this past year I finished fifth on the inaugural season of MasterChef Canada.

Most recently I’ve become Tourism Winnipeg’s digital marketing and communications coordinator.


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