Nathan White

Nathan White

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Nathan White

My name is Nathan White and I am a travel & landscape photographer based in Rockhampton, Queensland.


After 11 years in the IT industry, I made the life changing decision to start afresh in tourism. As a result of the diverse career change, I became increasingly fascinated and left in awe by the beautiful imagery that is used in destination marketing. After a short stint assisting for a professional photographer, I bought my first DSLR and started my addiction, as do all photographers, to ‘chasing the best light’.

Having always lived in Central Queensland, I am very passionate about travelling in and promoting this area of Australia to the world, through photography. I also have strong Christian beliefs and I find that my photography is constantly inspired by the vivid beauty and design in God’s creation.

My work has been featured in Qantas inflight magazines, state-wide tourism marketing campaigns and billboards.


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