Philippa Macken

Philippa Macken

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Philippa Macken

From the wilds of Yukon to the lonely lighthouses of the Maritime Provinces, I never get sick of exploring Canada. This vast, diverse country still surprises me with its treasures and I pinch myself daily that my career revolves around sharing Canada’s wonders with Australian travel media. It’s a tough gig, but I take it on the chin!


I love to paint pictures with words and my BA Communications/Journalism helped me gain entry to the exciting world of public relations and freelance writing. Working in Sydney on clients as colourful and diverse as Caltex, Bacardi, Nutrimetics, Lend Lease, Red Bull, Chubb, Vittoria Coffee and Freedom Furniture, gave me valuable insights into a whole rainbow of industries and brands. It’s been twenty exciting years of managing the PR for corporate and consumer clients, with my own creative writing efforts bubbling away on the side.

The whole world became my office in 2003 when I hit the freelance trail, coinciding with my entry into the foray of motherhood. Inspiration hit and I wrote extensively for parenting magazines, sharing my personal insights into this unique yet commonplace journey as a new mum. Seven years ago I began writing for the Canadian Tourism Commission, creating content and e-newsletters. My passion for Canada was ignited and I’ve never looked back.

Four years ago I began managing media relations for the Canadian Tourism Commission GSA and I hope to continue for many more to come. I never tire of talking about Canada, its world-class culinary offerings, endless outdoor adventures, French influence and creative spirit. Nothing is more satisfying than revealing Canada’s hidden gems to eager Aussie travellers who are thirsty for knowledge about this incredible country.

I love where life has taken me. The country girl from Wagga Wagga now spends her days on Sydney’s beautiful northern shores promoting Canada, copywriting for a whole range of clients and speaking about herself in the third person (woops!).

I hope to publish my first children’s book by Christmas 2014 and love to run creative writing workshops for kids during school holidays with fellow writer, Liz Ginis. My life is one of deliberate design, doing what brings me joy and gravitating towards whatever inspires.

Family lies at the centre of my world and my rich career adds a delicious flavour to my ever-evolving existence.


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