William Patino photography

William Patino photography


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Tasmanian Photography
Photos: Will Patino

When I think of Tasmania, the first thing that comes to mind is of a misty morning at sunrise, walking through Mount Field National Park near Hobart. For me, it’s one of the amazing things to do in Tasmania among a long list of attractions.

I visited Tasmania in September 2014 and went to the Tasman National Park and around Hobart.

The weather treated me really well.

Tasmania is such a beautiful place.

The landscapes inspired me.

tasmania photography

tasmania photography

Cape Huay

Cape Huay was pretty special. Out there it feels like you are at the edge of the world and so far away from anything else. I like that feeling.

It is very raw and rugged down there, much different to the rest of Australia. I noticed it straight away.

I am always intrigued and eager to shoot when I see something interesting or pleasant. Tassie has plenty of that.

tasmania photography

tasmania photography

Stars and Southern Lights

To photograph stars you need a nice clear night with a moon that is not too full.

Use an exposure of 25-30 seconds on a digital camera using a tripod and a wide aperture like f4, f2.8 and a high ISO like 3200.

milky way photos

Almost every night we were keeping an eye on the sky. We were blessed to witness the southern lights two nights in a row.

Down in the Tasman National Park it was particularly dark which made the stars really pop.

I would absolutely love to explore the south western wilderness area of Tasmania, especially Mt Anne and Lake Oberon.

I would also love to shoot Cradle Mountain. Everyone else has been there but me!

I want to shoot that area in winter and see it with my own eyes.

milky way photos

Q&A with Will Patino

Your bio says you “first picked up a camera in 2012”. What inspired you to become a photographer?

I happened to download Instagram and fell in love with photography, the way it made me look at the world in a new light.

How long have you been on Instagram?

Since 2012.

tasmania photography

What were you doing before and in what way has your life changed since Instagram?

Before photography I was actually at a weird point in life where I was a little lost actually. Instagram came in to my life at a critical moment.

I see so much more beauty in the world now and have learned to appreciate the simple things in life.

You’ve managed to build up an amazing portfolio of photographs and a large following on Instagram in such a short time. Congratulations! Are you enjoying it? What are some of the things you like doing the most?

Thanks! What I like doing most is experiencing special moments in nature, particularly in remote places.

Whether alone or with someone else it’s nice to be able to explore and be able to capture that split second in time and then share it with the world. It is a real privilege.

tasmania photography

Describe your typical day.

On a typical day at home I wake up an hour before sunrise. I go outside,say hi to my dog and look out at the sky and horizon.

I check to see what the cloud structure to determine what the light might be like and if it is something I want to shoot.

If I head out to a location somewhere, I am usually home just as my wife Renee and 3 month old son Judah are ready to get up. I usually hang out with Judah so Renee can shower and have breakfast.

Then my day is filled with much time at the computer unfortunately. Sending emails, editing photos, updating my website, blogging, social media, interviews like this etc.

By late in the afternoon I go to the gym and then afterwards I check the sky again to see how sunset may turn out.

After dinner my wife and I read together and then are usually in bed quite early.

How would you describe your photography?

Dynamic, landscape photography.

tasmania photography

How do you inspire yourself to keep finding new ways of growing?

I am never content with my work, I just always see areas needing improvement.

That inspires me to keep growing, the thought of what could eventually be.

Would you describe yourself as a social media influencer or an artist or both?

I would like to be labelled as an artist, although I think that is a word that is so loosely defined so I am not sure if it would be appropriate or not.

Without a doubt I am a social media influencer but I remain true to myself and love for photography.

I generally only shoot and share images that I personally want to. When I am out with my camera I am not thinking about social media at all.

If I am not connected to an image then I won’t share it. So, to answer the question I would say both.

tasmania photography

Do you think it’s important to have followers?

To be a good photographer I don’t think it is important at all to have followers.

To run a business through social media, then unfortunately yes, followers are important.

What equipment do you use?

I use a variety of digital cameras and lenses of different focal lengths.

Tasmania photo essay by William Patino

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