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Capturing a stunning sunset image is right up there in our top list so I thought it would be useful to write a post on photography tips on how to capture stunning sunset images.

For starters, Lady Luck plays an important role. The weather is either on your side or it’s not, however if it is, then bingo you could capture a stunner.

At sunset we often experience dramatic lighting and rich saturated colours. Add that with a structure such as a jetty and you can produce a very clever photo that’ll be a keeper and may even feature on a wall in your home.

This is a time of the day when conditions change quickly. It’s best to be at your location well before the sun sets and stay for the afterglow as you just never know what may happen as the sun dips below the horizon.

Most photographers are looking for clouds to form a vibrant element in their sunset images. Here’s a few other tips to help you snap a winner.

1-Play with White Balance (WB)

Nearly every camera and mobile photographic device, including smart phones, have the ability to control or change the WB of your image closer to what our human eye sees.

Check your camera manuals for where this is and play with it. It is awesome and an instant way to add that punch of colour you are seeing to your image.

photography tips

photography tips

2-Compose you image

Composition does matter!

Can you use the rule of thirds by placing elements such as horizons and interesting structures on a third of your image?

Try using line, a very strong compositional tool to draw your viewer into your image. Separate elements from another.

photography tips

Photographing Sunsets Tips 8

3-Look over your shoulder

Don’t forget to look over your shoulder.

As the sun sets the moon may be rising swathed in gorgeous pinks and blues. Or the horizon could be bathed in layered pastels or an orange glow.

If there is a storm don’t forget to look around for the rainbow!

Photographing Sunsets Tips 2

Photographing Sunsets Tips 7

4-Look for the little things and silhouettes

Look for the little details around you at sunset. At this time of the day the light is soft and your subject will be side lit. Side lighting is the best lighting to empathize texture.

Photographing Sunsets Tips 5

Silhouettes are considered the most extreme form of backlighting in photography and the best silhouettes are simple. Look for strong, bold shapes that are easily recognisable.

Photographing Sunsets Tips 6

5-Use a tripod and remote control or cable release

Avoid camera shake at all costs. You have to use a tripod or some form of stable support. A remote control or cable release also help decrease camera shake. You can also use your cameras self timer.

Photographing Sunsets Tips 10

Above all have fun!

photography tips

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