Rama Gaind

Rama Gaind

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Rama Gaind

I’m an intrepid traveler who knows only too well that “nobody comes back from a journey the way they started it”.


Being a diplomat’s daughter, I’ve had a life-long love affair with travel and am passionate about “spreading the word” after exploring many — dare I say it, alluring — destinations around the world.

I’ve also been priviledged to work for some of the best global publications and organisations. During my career as a journalist and photographer for more than 40 years, both in Australia and overseas, I’ve gainfully contributed to The Canberra Times, The Chronicle, The Queanbeyan Age, Leader Newspaper Group in Melbourne, Sunday Sun-Herald, City News, Canberra Weekly, Radio 2CA Canberra, The Indian in Hong Kong and Travel Today Plus and India Perspectives in India.

I take great pride in the fact that I instigated the travel section at The Canberra Times in 1982-83.

Not only did this foundational pursuit reap substantial travel opportunities, but I was lucky enough to combine it with a couple of other ‘firsts’ at The Canberra Times: collating and launching the weekly social pages in 1978 and initiated a weekly video column that was featured in the TV Guide (entertainment that includes films and theatre are my other passionate pursuits!).

In fact, it was after working in the literary section of the national capital’s daily newspaper that I diligently pursued — and successfully achieved — my long-held dream of becoming a news and features/lifestyle journalist.

I had the distinction of being the first person with an ethnic background to work both at The Canberra Times and Radio 2CA.

I joined the Canberra newsroom of the Macquarie Network’s Radio 2CA in 1973. I trail-blazed my way through four years of broadcasting during which time I took to the airwaves and ‘read’ news on air, wrote stories, sourced leads and conducted numerous interviews that brought me in close contact with people of ‘influence’ in all walks of life ranging from politicians, celebrities and community ‘identities’ to elite sporting personalities and dedicated listeners.

Working as a freelancer has been somewhat restrictive with opportunities, but my horizons have further broadened as a features/travel/food writer for Get Up & Go,  PS News, Sunshine Coast Daily, The Word Canberra, Vision Asia magazine in Australia and New Zealand, Brisbane Indian Times, Masalanewsline Sydney, South-East Asia Times and the Indian Weekender New Zealand.

Over more than four decades, my roles and responsibilities have been diverse: as an editor, sub-editor, news reporter, journalist/photographer, travel editor/writer, newsreader, ministerial speechwriter, advertising consultant, feature/lifestyle writer, real estate columnist, copywriter and community service awards and fund-raising coordinator.

As a self-motivated marketing strategist, specialist communicator, public service professional, events manager, business proprietor and advertising sales executive, I strongly believe that travel is about spirited curiosity. There is a need to open ourselves to the world, to escape into uncluttered seclusions, to refine the edge of life and be obligated to work instantly to produce ‘niche’ outcomes.

I’ve effectively been able to combine wanderlust with my thirst for conquering new adventure opportunities and delightfully utilise my creative writing skills and expertise to continue communicating with influence.

Amazingly, journeys are all about capturing reflections that prove “one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”.


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