Steve McKenna

Steve McKenna

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Steve McKenna

I’m a freelance travel writer, journalist and photographer who suffers from a severe – and probably incurable – case of wanderlust.


After getting a 2:1 BA (Hons) multi-media journalism degree on the (occasionally) sunny south coast of England, I spent six years honing my trade in regional newspapers – in news and sport, writing and subbing – before embarking on an incredibly life-changing round-the-world trip in 2005.

Since this adventure – which included stints living and working in Perth and Sydney and doing the classic backpacking trail up the Australian east coast – I haven’t had a ‘real job’ as such. But I have visited, photographed and written about over 80 countries across Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania, contributing to dozens of publications, both print and online, in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Outlets include the Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Sun-Herald, Virgin Voyeur, Travel & Living, the West Australian, International Traveller, Vacations & Travel, New Zealand Herald, ninemsn travel, Sunday Times (UK) and the Daily and Sunday Express (UK).

I’m often asked what is my favourite travel destination. In truth, I can never answer. I have found something to like in pretty much every place I’ve travelled to – whether it be the food, architecture, natural beauty or the people – though, if pressed, I admit I have major soft spots for Latin America, south east Asia and Europe (including the UK, where I spent my childhood and love returning to during the northern summer).

I often find myself signing up for pulse-raising activities – I have scaled active volcanoes, sky-dived out of planes and cycled down the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’ in Bolivia – but I also love simply wandering, casually, along a beach, or ambling, aimlessly, round a city.

Sometimes I think it’s hard to beat the buzz of sitting outside a pavement cafe in a strange new place, sipping a coffee, watching the world go by and wondering where the day (or night) will take me….


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