Tasmanian Attractions – an Instagram roundup

Tasmanian Attractions – an Instagram roundup

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Tasmanian Attractions
Photo: Jewels Lynch

There is something very earthy and raw about Tasmania. It’s as if time has slowed down. When I compare it to the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast, I feel a quiet calm that I have not felt anywhere else before. These are my favourite Tasmanian attractions.

tasmania attractions jewelszee boats
Earlier in the year I did a four-day driving journey of Tasmania’s east coast, from Hobart to Launceston.

This time, my friend and fellow Instagrammer Garry Norris invited me to visit his home town.

I was excited about seeing more of Tasmania’s diverse and unique landscape on this 10-day Instagram journey of southern Tasmania.

tasmania attractions jewelszee weather
It’s always a bit challenging to start an Instagram campaign with a dose of bad weather, which is exactly what happened in Tasmania. The first few days were challenging.

We just couldn’t get a win. No sunrise or sunset. It rained and was cold, grey and dull. But the unique thing about being a travelling instagrammer is you only get one chance and you have to learn to work with what you have.

tasmania attractions jewelszee franklin river
I was also challenged by the winding roads. I suffer from car sickness and it was a torture being in the back seat as our four-wheel drive lurched around bends.

Then I met the most beautiful dog named Bo and the world was good again. We threw a stick and managed to get him to model for me with his owner.

This is what reminds me most of the Franklin River, one of the best Tasmania attractions.

tasmania attractions jewelszee jetty house tasmania
Our accommodation at Jetty House was unique to say the least. I think it’s safe to say that quite often we all felt we weren’t the only guests in our rooms at night. Now here’s the cue for spooky ghost music.

tasmania attractions jewelszee southport tasmania
I love the peaceful villages that dot the coastline of Tasmania.

Southport is such a beautiful little fishing village. It has cute beach shacks, boats and chimneys with smoke wafting up into the sky.

Tasmania offers such serenity.

tasmania attractions jewelszee friends
Sharing the trip with wonderful people made it even more unforgettable. What will always remain with me is the laughter, friendship and the unmatched scenery of Tasmania.

tasmania attractions helicopter
The best part of this visit to Tasmania was the helicopter flight over the South West Wilderness. On our way back, we landed on Bruny Island to have lunch at the pub.

I felt so like a rock star. Picture being picked up in a helicopter then flying over the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Southwest National Park, which is over 600,000 hectares of wild, untouched, untamed, mountainous country.

We landed at an airstrip and after a short hike jumped back in the helicopter and flew through a rainbow and over Maatsuyker Islands.

I was amazed when we landed in the back yard of the Bruny Island Pub, where I dined on herb-crusted Tasmanian scallops and drank apple cider for lunch.

Tasmanian AttractionsThe waterfalls at Mount Field National Park are simply more beautiful than words can describe.

tasmanian attractions newdegate cave tasmania

The Newdegate Cave is one of the best known caves in Australia. It was mind-blowing to think that as little as 100mm of a stalactite could possibly be 5000 years old.

tasmanian attractions jztassieroadtrip 1212

The Tahune Airwalk is like a lost world, with tall trees that touch the sky. As you walk amongst the canopy you almost can’t see where the forest begins and ends.

Tahune is an aboriginal word that means peaceful place by running water. This is one of the super fun swinging bridges that crosses the river.

tasmania attractions tasselated pavement tasmania sunset
We slept in and almost missed this pretty sunrise this morning at Southport.

Back near Port Arthur, if you didn’t know any better you would swear the Tessellated Pavement (main photo) is not a natural formation.

tasmania attractions jewelszee tasman peninsulaWe had an epic day on the water with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys cruising the Tasman Peninsula.


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