Teresa Bergen

Teresa Bergen


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Teresa Bergen

I’ve always loved to write and travel, whether that meant crashing on a friend’s floor in a distant city or sleeping in a luxury hotel, sailing the Galapagos or slogging across the US on a Greyhound bus.

My whole life has been spent writing both fiction and nonfiction, but in the past few years I’ve focused mostly on health, fitness and travel writing. My travel articles have appeared on/in MSN.com, Spirituality & Health, India Currents, Whole Life Times Magazine, Pique, Yogi Times and many other print and online publications.

I have a B.A. in journalism and an MFA in fiction writing. My books include Vegetarian Asia Travel Guide and Meditations for Gym Yogis, and I write two blogs, Veg Travel and Fitness and Travel Holy.

Some of my favourite things are visiting churches, old cemeteries, vegetarian restaurants and places where I can see animals.

One of my best trips was Ecuador and the Galapagos, where I took 400 pictures of iguanas and nearly as many of churches.


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