Tim the Yowieman

Tim the Yowieman

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Tim the Yowieman

Everyone loves a good mystery don’t they? While many take a passing interest, for me the quirky and the unknown has become an obsession and has lured me to all corners of the globe.


I’ve wrestled apes while on the hunt for poltergeists at the Rock of Gibraltar, come face-to-face with a hairy man (at least I thinks it was a he) in the Swiss Alps and even munched on real human toes (it’s alright a local had lost them to frostbite in a far-flung Yukon pub. However, quite possibly, the highlight of my career has been straddling the 150th Meridian East in country NSW. It doesn’t get much better than a foot on either side of an imaginary line in the middle of a dusty paddock!

Although I’m primarily a writer, I also have a taste of the ‘other side’ of the tourism industry having operated Canberra’s best night tour (it’s the only one!) and when I’m not running around the bush like an overgrown boy scout (as my 6 year-old daughter so eloquently describes my antics), I sit locked away in my Yowie Den writing travel books, including the imaginatively named ‘The Adventures of Tim the Yowie Man’, and ‘Haunted and Mysterious Australia’.

I’m also a regular travel columnist with The Canberra Times and have contributed to whatever other newspapers and magazines will accommodate my unusual by-line. Yowie is the Australian version of Bigfoot and I spotted said beast in the Snowy Mountains back in 1994, and, no, I wasn’t under the influence of any mind altering substances. Not then anyway.  I’ve hosted my own travel radio show on Australia’s Macquarie Network, and am also occasional presenter/host on ABC Local Radio. I’m developing a travel television show, but my friends reckon “I’ve got a good face for radio”.

Note: Tim also took on Cadbury Schweppes, the corporate giant when they tried to wrestle his moniker away from him claiming children would get confused when they went to a chocolate shop as they wouldn’t know whether to buy Tim or one of their company’s chocolate yowies. Tim doesn’t taste very good, so thank goodness he won.


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