What to see in Spain | Prado Museum

What to see in Spain | Prado Museum


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what to see in spain

Wondering what to see in Spain ? I’d have to say the Prado Museum or Museo Nacional del Prado is one of the best museums I’ve visited.


The Prado Museum is the jewel in Madrid’s crown and a museum you should make a point of visiting, even if you aren’t a fan of museums.

The number of masterpieces on display is mind bogging and the talent of the artists is absolutely inspiring. It makes you wonder how so much talent could have ever existed in the past.

What to see in Prado Museum

The gallery houses major European masterpieces, among them are Goya’s The Third of May, The Annunciation by Fra Angelico and Ribera’s Jacob’s Dream.

Fans of Harry Bosch (the detective in Michael Connelly’s novels who was named after the European master) will love seeing The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymous Bosch.

Of course, besides the staple masterpieces, the museum also has exhibitions, such as a showcase of the works of Luis de Morales (one of the most significant Spanish Renaissance masters).

Love art?

I love art and have an artistic eye but I’m not seriously into classical European art and honestly can’t hold a conversation about Spanish or European art.

I’m certainly not at art critic. But if I ever visit Madrid or Spain again, I’d certainly put the Prado Museum on my list of what to see in Spain.

So I’ll stop babbling and just show you why you should go. Check out these photos.

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Discover Spain

For more ideas on what to do in Spain read this and this. When passing through Madrid, be sure to visit the Prado Museum. Northern Spain is a green and pleasant land with beautiful beaches, charming Spanish villages and wonderful food.

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