Marie Barbieri

Marie Barbieri


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Marie Barbieri

I’m a freelance travel writer and photographer that moved from London to Adelaide, though at times feel I’m not from anywhere. At other times I feel that I’m from everywhere, a bit like Hank Snow in his comic classic: “I’ve been everywhere man!”

Worldly travel can make the mind fickle and unfaithful, when one week you are in love with The Azores, and the next week you have a crush on Vancouver, still with last month’s lavender fields of Provence in your mind.

I have a rather eclectic resume, if not mildly comical, having: pulled hair out of the plug holes of hairdressers; watched Darling Harbour get built from scratch from a George Street office window; compiled affidavits in a legal solicitor’s office; developed photos in a dark room of an old time photography studio on a boardwalk in Maryland, USA; accessed reflexology points on clients’ feet; and spent my university weekend evenings stage-dancing in order to earn my beans on toast.

I’m still waiting for that drama degree to land me a place in Home and Away! But since falling into freelance writing quite by accident (after winning first prize for a travel writing competition), I have never looked back.

I write on a variety of topics, from travel to holistic well-being, and have a passionate love for wildlife.

I have written for a wide selection of publications, such as: Holidays for Couples and Our Planet Travel, as well as yoga titles, in-flight magazines, newspapers and websites such as The Dallas Morning News and World Travel Guide.

My other passion is photography, which is now firmly married to my writing. I almost can’t leave the house without my camera in tow, as I discover much of the beauty in our world when looking through my lens.

Oh, and I am an incurable chocoholic, an addiction from which I am not seeking a cure.

The world is my whole world, and I plan to hike it and cycle it for as long and as far as my continuously itchy feet may take me.

Never stop travelling!


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