travel to korea
South Korea is a fascinating mélange of ancient culture and modern technology. South Korea reveals traditions that have survived since the dawn of Korean history are finding new corners to exist in the rapid race toward economic and technological development. There are plenty of things to do in South Korea...
andong heart of old korea 6
I sit in quiet contemplation on top of the hill which overlooks the Andong Hahoe Mask Village, peering at its horseshoe shape on the bend of the Nakdong River in Pungcheon-myeon, imagining a bygone era of Confucian scholars and politicians mingling with farmers and shopkeepers.Andong The village has been home...
jeju island
A fine mist sprays my face and arms as I clamber over grey moss-grown rocks. I reach a flat rocky ledge and stop to gaze at the view. Surrounded by lush green forest, this section of Jeju Island’s three-tiered Cheonjeyeon Waterfall is so scenic I could almost imagine water...
At a wedding in Seoul, I watched a young Korean couple exchange vows in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony. The groom presented a wooden wild goose, or kireogi, to the bride’s mother as a token of lifelong fidelity. He looked regal in his tall samo cap. His deep purple...
taekwondo australia 8
A taekwondo lesson is Seoul is the perfect cure for jetlag and one of the acitivities that will help you immerse yourself in South Korean culture. .“Kick harder,” shouts Master Lee. I twist my upper body so that my left side is facing him and lash out with my...
south korea tourism
It’s impossible to visit Gyeongju, a city in Gyeongsangbuk-do province of South Korea, without being overwhelmed by its rich history. There are World Heritage and South Korean National Treasure sites in every corner of Gyeongju, which is virtually a museum without walls. Stone pagodas and templesI wander among stone...


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