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Ask a group of travellers to choose their favourite hotel from a list and you’re likely to get different choices for lots of different reasons.

What makes one five-star hotel better than another?

Is it the décor and the quality of furnishings? Or is the feeling you’re being treated like royalty as you wander around the hotel? Perhaps it’s the combination of a stunning swimming pool and impressive spa. Or it might be something as simple as the pink rubber duck sitting on the rim of your bathtub.

A luxury experience is a combination of several things and many things combine to make a luxury hotel or travel experience special for you.

InterContinental Maldives
They say that the best luxury escapes are the ones that make you feel like a rockstar. Laze around a designer pool with a glass of French champagne while your private chef prepares a delicious meal and your host makes arrangements for a sail in a private yacht. More...
Tasmania hotels
Looking for a cool city pad or a luxury country escape? You already know what to do in Tasmania! All you need is some amazing Tasmania hotels cottages, inns, B&Bs and other types of Tasmania accommodation to stay in while exploring the state. Snuggle up under a designer goose-down duvet while gazing at...
Exclusive Escapes
Gold Stem facials, private islands and outdoor bathtubs with zillion-dollar views….these are some of the things to do in Tasmania. Or perhaps you’d prefer cruising around Tasmania’s waters like a rock star (Sting was recently spotted in a luxury yacht) or fly to a winery for a languid afternoon lunch. Go on,...
where to stay in macau
Macau’s hotels are looking pretty wild and things are only going to get blinger. The city’s tycoons are vying with each other in a prolonged tussle of one-billion-upmanship to see who can build the flashiest resorts. These resorts are some of the most impressive places to visit in Macau...
cook islands
A Polynesian archipelago in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands has 15 islands scattered across the sea. This archipelago is somewhere between New Zealand and Hawaii. Rarotonga is the largest island and you'll find a number of things to do in Rarotonga while Aitutaki Island is famous for its...
Delfin II

Amazon Cruise

If you're a nature and wildlife lover, an Amazon cruise is an experience that should be at the top of your travel bucket list. Not only is the Amazon the second-longest river in the world, but the Amazon rainforest is also home to over one-third of the animal species...

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