Argentina is exciting, wild and vibrant. Officially known as the Argentine Republic, Argentina covers a vast area and is the second largest country in South America.

The Argentine landscape is diverse and beautiful. From the stark southern beauty of Patagonia to the lush wonder of Iguazu Falls, if you’re looking for a South American sizzler Argentina fits the bill. Of course, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Argentina.

The capital, Buenos Aires, is a vibrant city but there are also plenty of smaller towns and other places to visit. The Argentina culture, dance and music will literally sweep you off your feet. So, if you haven’t been, here are some Argentina tourist attractions for your next trip.

Patagonia cruise on Stella Australia.
The sky changes from violet to black, as it swallows the Martial mountain range. At the start of our Patagonia cruise, Ushuaia’s lights are dots in the distance, as our ship, Stella Australis, cruises over Ushuaia Bay.As we power towards the Beagle Channel, up on deck, I shiver.I'm not...
ushuaia argentina
If you're looking for things to do in Argentina, chances are, the southern city of Ushuaia is not on your list to visit. That's because it's not as well known as Argentina's other wonderful places. But Ushuaia has incredible views, wildlife tours, skiing, hiking and maritime history are some...
argentina tango
Of all the things to do in Argentina, learning to tango in the capital, Buenos Aires, is one of my more memorable experiences.The crowd cheers and flicks coins into a hat, as the tango dancers twirl around a public square in San Telmo.I can’t take my eyes off the...
The Mansion
In Recoleta they die as they had often lived, beyond their means. The most prestigious suburb in Buenos Aires, Recoleta, has its own exclusive necropolis where row upon bankrupting row of grand marble vaults accommodate the dusty repose of the city’s once-gilded elite.Lowering the cemetery’s tone by octaves (according to...
gauchos argentina
Mounted on a beautiful Palomino mare, Oscar cuts a fine figure in his bolero hat, red neck-scarf, baggy bombachos trousers, brown leather boots and shiny brass buckle belt. I’m in the saddle next to him, feeling a little awkward atop my sturdy ranch horse, watching the two teenagers gallop towards...


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