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Turkey holidays for an exotic vacation, from Istanbul to the Turkish Riviera, Turkey is mysterious and fascinating and a fabulous place to visit.

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Spice Bazaar Istanbul

Once upon a time, the Istanbul Spice Bazaar was once the final destination of merchants who travelled the Silk Road. The ancient Spice Bazaar Istanbul was built in 1663 to generate funds for the Yeni mosque next to it and is often known as the Egyptian Bazaar because spices...
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Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Of all the places to visit in Istanbul, the city's bazaars are the most intriguing. You could spend hours wandering around the maze of alleyways in these Istanbul bazaars, such as the Spice Bazaar where there are spice shops selling herbs, soaps and dried fruit. But shopping in Istanbul’s...
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Places to visit in Istanbul

Centuries of Byzantine and Ottoman history furnish Istanbul with dreamy mosques, grand churches, fairytale palaces, bustling souks and an exotic ambience. Here are 10 places to visit in Istanbul. https://youtu.be/H193FUc7qZM Places to visit in Istanbul 1- Grand Bazaar Of all the places to visit in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar is a shopaholic’s Mecca. The labyrinth of domed...
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Of all the things to do in Istanbul, as Istanbul has a tradition of Turkish bathing dating back thousands of years, one of the most cultural experiences you can have is going to an Istanbul hammam or Turkish bathhouse. Most Istanbul hammams are decked out in marble and have high...
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Places to visit in Turkey

Mysterious cities, thousands of years of history and beautiful countryside combine to make Turkey a great spot for a holiday. Turkey is exotic and exciting. Turkey is is a melding of eastern and western culture and it's a fascinating place to visit. Here are some places to visit in...
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Battle of gallipoli

Kate Armstrong makes a pilgrimage to Gallipoli to learn about the battle of Gallipoli and to find the grave of a lost great-uncle. “Many Turkish soldiers died in the embrace of Allied soldiers,” booms the voice of Ali, the Turkish tour guide at Gallipoli. His voice reverberates through the megaphone...

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