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Fairmont The Norfolk hotel - Nairobi, Kenya
When the Norfolk Hotel first opened in 1904, Kenya, or British East Africa as it was known, was a hunting ground for big-game hunters and The Norfolk Hotel was a favourite watering hole pre- and post expeditions. Wealthy visitors from Europe, escaping from freezing northern winters, and younger sons of...
kenya airways review

Kenya Airways review

Three years ago, I was on a Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi to Bangkok. I was booked in Economy Class and was hoping for an upgrade. Not a chance. Unfortunately, I happened to be travelling on the same flight as Kenya's President, who was on an important mission. Here's my...
balloon pilot
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a hot air balloon pilot? We caught up with Markham Boston, a Western Australian hot air balloon pilot living his dream in Kenya. One of the best jobs in the world? Drifting over Kenya’s Masai Mara, in a hot air balloon, above...
Great Rift Valley - Kenya

Great Rift Valley – Kenya

The duvet cover is tucked under my chin as I lie in a comfortable king-sized bed watching the sun rise above Kenya’s Great Rift Valley. The bed is on a raised platform, swathed with mosquito netting and surrounded by soothing pebbled water features. My room has few walls and no...

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