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Macau is a fusion of old and new, a melding of World Heritage attractions and sleek casino resorts. Macau’s rich Portuguese history sets in apart of the rest of China.

From where to find the best coffee and cheap eats to top restaurants run by Michelin-starred chefs, in recent years Macau has become a top destination for foodies.

Another good reason to visit Macau is it is fast becoming an entertainment hub in Asia, with a slew of events, concerts and bands.

Our Best of Macau section brings you a raft of things to do in Macau. So settle in and search for your favourite topics in our Macau sections:

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macanese desserts

Delicious Desserts in Macao

As a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Macao is also home to a plethora of desserts for those with a sweet tooth. While many visitors go in search of Lord Stow’s Portuguese egg tart or Serradura – both Portuguese desserts – they miss out on traditional authentic Macanese desserts,...

Best Time To Visit Macau

Macau's location on China's southern coast and sub-tropical climate makes it an easy place to plan a trip. With an average temperature of 23˚C, Macau a warm-climate destination, however, there are warmer months and cooler months along with a host of activities to suit each season. The best time...
The Golden Peacock “PROSPERITY” Blue berry, hazelnut chocolate mousse, yoghurt, cardamom, cherry and gold leaf 福 皇雀藍莓巧克力慕斯

Art Macao Menus

As one of the UNESCO network’s creative cities of gastronomy, some of Macao’s culinary talents have taken inspiration from art masterpieces during the six-month-long Art Macao festival that runs from May to October 2019.After all, food and art are inexplicably linked through the creative concept of marrying ingredients to...
landmark macau
With eye-catching contemporary architecture and famous historic landmarks, Macau is a place that is attracting lots of attention. The Historic Centre of Macao is a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with Baroque churches and ancient Chinese temples while dazzling 21st-century landmarks in Macau are redefining the skyline. With this melding...
things to do in macau kids
There are lots of reasons why Macau is a good place for a family holiday and you might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of attractions in Macau for kids. A playground for punters looking for excitement at the newest glitzy resort, the wave of Western-style casinos...
art macao grace kelly
With a rich cultural legacy that blends Portuguese and Chinese history and heritage, Macao is the perfect destination in Asia to inspire art and culture. In 2019, Art Macao will turn this compact city into a living art gallery when major works from European and Chinese masters will be...