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Japan is a country of contradictions, with natural wonders and uber-modern cities. If you’re a nature lover, you might be surprised at how much of Japan is untouched and pristine. Think of the serene beauty of Mount Fuji as a contrast to futuristic high-rise Tokyo.

The Land of the Rising Sun is at the intersection of traditional culture and contemporary ideas. You’ll find yourself gazing in awe at a Shogun’s Castle while not long later, you could find yourself gawking at the outlandish fashions of Japan’s teenagers. There are so many ways and routes to enjoy a visit to Japan. At the top of the list are Japan’s famous Golden Route.

What is the Golden Route in Japan?

Japan’s Golden Route traces the route of the ancient Tokaido road between Tokyo to Kyoto. The attraction of this route for tourists is it passes by many of Japan’s famous landmarks, such as Mount Fuji and the Hakone hot springs region.

When is the best month to travel to Japan?

Japan is a country with four distinct seasons. Each season has its own highlights. However, if you want to see Japan’s beautiful cherry blossoms, the season to visit is Spring. Between March and May, the country is painted in white and pink as the cherry blossoms bloom and Japan comes alive with Spring festivities.

What is the best city to visit in Japan?

The top cities in Japan to visit are Tokyo, which is easily the most popular city in Japan, Kyoto, a beautiful historic city with lovely shrines, and Osaka, which is a busy economic hub. Other historic cities are Hiroshima and Yokohama.

osaka at night dotonbori
Osaka is a vibrant and exciting city in Japan known for its delicious food, lively nightlife and rich history and culture. Popular attractions are usually packed during the day, but what's there to do in Osaka at night? Plenty! Japan's second-largest city offers vibrant night views, exciting entertainment and...
kyoto things to do at night woman wearing japanese traditional kimono walking
Kyoto is home to famous temples and traditional culture. The city has picturesque wooden streets, well-preserved ancient temples and buildings, stunning shrines and gardens, towering pagodas, colourful cherry blossoms or sakura, mysterious geishas, tea ceremonies, traditional izakayas and the famous Arashiyama forest. While the city is beautiful during the...
japanese drinks japan
Japan's strong traditions and the nation's keen sense for discovery have inspired many incredible feats of human achievement. The Land of the Rising Sun has serene temples, tranquil onsens and stunning mountains. A leading nation in automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, Japan also tops the charts when it comes to food,...
fukuoka things to do Itoshima torii gate
Fukuoka is a city and port on the island of Kyushu, known for its beautiful beaches, temples and the ruins of 17th-century Fukuoka Castle. The Naka River runs through this city on Hakata Bay and with a population of around 1.6 million, it's not as frenetic as Tokyo, Yokohama...
mt fuji day trips from tokyo picture of autumn season in yamanachi
The capital of Japan is a bustling metropolis, hectic during the day, exciting, and neon-lighted at night. Spending a few days in the city is an absolute must, however, our advice is to take at least one day to enjoy one of the many incredible lesser-known locations around the...
best time to visit japan for cherry blossoms mount fuji
Enjoying four very distinct seasons during the year, Japan guarantees a season for all types of travellers. However, deciding on the best time to visit Japan will depend on what exactly you want to experience in the land of the rising sun. While there is a huge disparity in temperature...

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