Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo | Tokyo Market

Visiting a fish market may not exactly be on your bucket list, but trust me, if you are in Tokyo, this is a MUST see!...

Japan Toilet Tips | Pictures of Toilets

Why would anyone feel the need to write about toilets? Well, when in a foreign country and you get the sudden urge to go,...

Green tea from Japan | Matcha Madness

Japan has had a revolution in the last 30 years. Technological, you may think? Banking and finance, others may suggest? No. In fact, neither. Yes....

5 best places to visit in Japan in winter

Thinking of visiting Japan in winter? Well, I can tell you that winter in Japan is like a fairytale, with snow-covered slopes. If you're...

New Aman Resort in Japan | Amanemu

There's a new Aman Resort in Japan's Ise Shima National Park. The hot springs resort is on the shores of Ago Bay and is...

Japanese Islands – Shikoku

Shikoku? Haven’t heard of it? There’s an old travel cliché: same, same but different. You could apply it truthfully to Shikoku. Though Japan is overwhelmingly...

Aman Tokyo review

It is a big call for any architectural firm to design an urban retreat in the middle of a metropolis such as Tokyo but...

Kyoto – how to visit like a local

If you ever fantasised about experiencing Japanese life like a local, there is an alternative to staying in a hotel, both in Kyoto and...

Japan travel – Takayama

Honjin Hiranoya takes my breath away the moment I step into the wide-open expanse of the fresh smelling tatami reception area. This is no...

Japan Tourist Spots in Photos

Japan is a country where ancient meets modern. Shinto shrines dating back hundreds of years are now dwarfed by skyscrapers. In these Japan tourist...


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20 things to do before you die (in Queensland)

If you were told the world was coming to an end, what would be your top 20 things to do in Queensland? Would it...