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Things to do in Cuba and what to see before it changes for good. From Havana to Trinidad, Cuba is fun and fantastic. Visiting Cuba is like stepping into a portal into history and to another world.

Cuba landmarks
Not long after Christopher Columbus arrived in Cuba in 1492, the country became a Spanish colony. Following the Spanish-American war, Cuba became a protectorate of the USA, and today is an independent republic. Despite Cuba’s tumultuous political past, the country is a spectacular island to visit in the Caribbean. With...
Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba
One of the fun things to do in Cuba is to take part in Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba. Santiago de Cuba is known as the “hero city” and the birthplace of the Cuban revolution. The Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba takes place during the last week of July....
Cuba capitolo washingtondc
Cuba is the largest Caribbean island with a rich history, beautiful architecture and a time-warp feel. You'll think you've stepped into a 1920's film set, with vintage cars and colonial Spanish architecture. As well as an enchanting atmosphere, there are also many things to do in Cuba to attract...

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