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Exploring Grand Palaces, seeing Egyptian mummies and gazing at the Holy Shroud are some of the things to do in Turin. This majestic baroque city sits at the top of the Italian boot and is bordered by France to the west and Switzerland to the north.
famous landmarks in italy

20 Incredible Landmarks in Italy

A land with a long history, there’s a treasure trove of landmarks in Italy that are instantly recognisable. Italy is a history lover’s dream destination, packed with Greek temples, Roman ruins, Baroque churches and from medieval castles. Italy's UNESCO World Heritage sites reflect the mastery in architecture and building. With...
Sacre Monte di Varallo
The last glimpse of Milan fades away in the rear vision mirror of our rented Fiat. Cars zip by and trucks hurtle past along the highway. Our destination is the relatively unknown town of Varallo drawn by the Sacred Mountain of Varallo or Sacro Monte di Varallo. Sacro Monte di...
The cheese room at Eataly in Turin
Eating your way through the northern Italian province of Piedmont is one of life’s great pleasures. Aperitif, chocolate and coffee have long been a tradition in northern Italy. The province of Piedmont produces 36% of Italy’s chocolates, its capital Turin is home of the world-renown Lavazza coffee brand and...
stromboli volcano

Stromboli volcano hiking adventure

Rocks the size of body parts fly above us in an orange fizz. The earth rumbles and a pungent mushroom of sulphur puffs up from the abyss. Hiking Stromboli may not be as difficult as climbing Kilimanjaro but there hike is quite astonishing. We are standing on the lip of...

6 Charming Towns in Puglia

Lanes to get lost in, like stepping back in time, timeless in lifestyle and (other than Alberobello and Ostuni) relatively undiscovered. These towns in Puglia are located in the central region of Puglia Italy. These places are all very easy to drive between and ideal for a three-day exploration...

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