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Polish drinks A bride in a wedding dress with long hair and a drink bottle in the Old town of Wroclaw.
A country at the cultural and geographic crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe, Poland has a fascinating history. Once a mighty nation that influenced European culture, Poland was decimated time after time yet kept bouncing back. Poland is a prosperous and peaceful nation, and its culinary scene echoes its...
Castles in Poland Krzyztopor Castle aerial
When it comes to palaces and castles, Poland is probably not the first place you think of, so most people are pleasantly surprised. But, like many of its European neighbours, Poland has a history filled with royalty, crusaders and nobility. Some Polish castles were built by the Teutonic Order, a...
landmarks in poland
Poland offers incredible diversity in its history and landscape. From towering mountain ranges to picturesque villages, quirky homes to memorials from wars, Poland is filled with incredible and thought-provoking landmarks. Here are 20 must-see landmarks in Poland for your bucket list.  20 Incredible Landmarks in Poland Famous Polish Landmarks 1- Wieliczka Salt...

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