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cruising the fjords in norway

Cruising the Norwegian Fjords

Norway cruising is a way to see the country's most stunning vistas. Waterfalls plunge down towering crystalline rock walls, wispy clouds shroud the soaring peaks and glaciers glisten beside blankets of lush emerald forests stretching down to the shimmering grey-green water. This stunning picture-postcard landscape is why cruising the...
Yangtze river cruise

Yangtze River Cruise

When I went on a Yangtze River cruise, back in 2006, the Three Gorges Dam project was half-way through completion. Since then, China’s Three Gorges Dam project has tamed Asia’s longest river.  According to a famous travel quote by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, "A journey of a thousand miles begins...
Patagonia cruise on Stella Australia.
The sky changes from violet to black, as it swallows the Martial mountain range. At the start of our Patagonia cruise, Ushuaia’s lights are dots in the distance, as our ship, Stella Australis, cruises over Ushuaia Bay. As we power towards the Beagle Channel, up on deck, I shiver but...
st petersburg ro moscow
Most visitors to Russia usually head for Moscow (see this post for places to visit in Moscow) or St Petersburg but you can also discover the delights of Russia on a river cruise between the two cities. River cruising in Russia It’s almost midnight on a balmy summer’s night in Russia. The...
russian river cruises

Russian River Cruises

Russia’s onion-domed churches, spires, monasteries and villages are more accessible than ever for luxury travellers. The countryside between Moscow and St Petersburg is not easy to get to and one of the best ways to travel in Russia is on a river cruise. Here are three luxury Russian river...
brahmaputra river cruise at sunset
River cruising has emerged as a popular style of holidaying for luxury travellers. In Europe, cruising the Danube or Rhine has been popular for quite some time while journeying along other key rivers of the world, from the Nile and Amazon to the Yangtze, Irrawaddy and the Mekong are...

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