Cruising the fjords of Norway

Cruising around the fjords of Norway aboard Cunard's Queen Elizabeth is a wonderful way to explore the country. Waterfalls plunge down towering crystalline rock walls;...

Falkland Islands Cruise | Wildlife and History

In 1982 Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, turning the British colony into a combat zone. Although news images of cold, barren, snow-covered battlefields continue...

Shennong Stream | Yangtze River Cruise Excursion

When you visit a new place, it's often the more unusual sights you encounter in your journey that sticks in your mind. In China,...

European Christmas Markets Cruise

Experience the wonder of a white Christmas on a cruise along the Rhine and Main Rivers. The scenery is some of Europe’s most picturesque, an...

European River Cruise

A European river cruise is a relaxing way to enjoy the charms of Europe. You can leave behind the seasick bags, crumpled maps and...

Luxor temple – Mysteries of Karnak

Do you love ancient history? Ancient Egypt has more than its fair share of attractions for travellers who are keen to explore its mysteries....


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Places to visit in Udaipur

I fell under Udaipur's spell almost as soon as I arrived. Compared to Jaipur, which is colourful and chaotic, Udaipur’s serenity made me feel...