Orangutan Volunteering with BOS in Borneo

I recently travelled to Indonesian Borneo for a personal adventure working with orangutans. Our accommodation whilst volunteering at the Samboja Orangutan Sanctuary was Samboja Lestari...

The Sanchaya – Luxury in Bintan

The Sanchaya Bintan is a luxury boutique hotel in Bintan, Indonesia. Where is Bintan? Bintan is an Indonesian island that is easily accessible from Singapore. It's...

Alila Seminyak Bali – An Oasis By The Beach

If you're looking for a resort in Bali that's on the beach yet not too far away from the action then check out this...

Asian Holidays – 10 New Luxury Resorts

If you’re looking for a new holiday destination, there are so many countries in Asia now opening up to the world. There was a...

Komodo National Park Diving Adventure Video

Morays, turtles and sharks. Flores, an island east of Komodo is home to Komodo dragons and the access point to Komodo National Park. From a diving...

Ayung River Rafting, Bali adventure

The screams grow louder as I descend through the lush tropical rainforest towards the river. A raft flashes around a bend, disappearing seconds later...

Ubud Bali – healing holiday

After a late night arrival into Denpasar, I’m already engaged in an intimate liaison in Ubud. As my arms embrace my puffy pillow, the...

Where do Komodo dragons live ?

Where to Komodo dragons live? Next time you’re thinking of booking a trip to Bali, consider extending your holiday to Flores. With lush mountains,...

Elephant Safari Park Bali

It’s dawn, and from the cosy warmth of my soft bed, I’m woken by the unmistakable sound of an elephant trumpeting just outside my...

10 things to do in Bali Indonesia

I spent my 40th birthday in Bali, 10 glorious days as typical Aussie tourists with my two teenage daughters. I chose Bali for the...


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20 things to do before you die (in Queensland)

If you were told the world was coming to an end, what would be your top 20 things to do in Queensland? Would it...