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how many islands in indonesia

How Many Islands In Indonesia

At night I like to sit out under the stars wondering how many islands in Indonesia there are. Not being able to count all the islands, I watch for constellations, planets and satellites. It’s best when the moon is empty and its brilliance doesn’t out-dazzle the night sky. But...
Yoga retreat Bali

An Amazing Yoga Retreat In Bali

After a late night arrival into Denpasar, I’m already engaged in an intimate liaison in my yoga retreat in Bali. As my arms embrace my puffy pillow, the song of the jungle outside serenades us. Weary face to the pillowcase, we are bathed by the mountain breeze that filters through...
bali white water rafting

Bali River Rafting

The screams grow louder as I descend through the lush tropical rainforest towards the river. A raft flashes around a bend, disappearing seconds later behind a curtain of lush foliage. But the glimpse is insufficient for me to judge whether the paddlers are screaming with fear or pleasure. I'm...
the mansion baliwood

The Mansion Baliwood

Ubud, upcountry Bali. Everyone knows where it is but no one’s quite sure these days of what it’s all about. Traditional Bali? New Age maypole? Eat-love-pray buffet? None of the above? Its centre is now a thriving strip of accommodation, boutiques and vego-vegan-GF eateries, plus rolling maul traffic jams....
komodo island adventure
Where to Komodo dragons live? Next time you’re thinking of booking a trip to Bali, consider extending your holiday to Flores. With lush mountains, waterfalls and islands, some Komodo Island looks like it's straight out of a Jurassic Park movie. And there’s a bonus. You’ll get to come face to face...
pan pacific nirwana

Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort

Update: Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali resort closed on 31 July 2017 to make way for a lavish new Trump resort. A sprawling resort away from the tourist spots, Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali resort is set on an impressive 103ha of cliff-top grounds dotted with 13 temples and a Greg Norman-designed golf...

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