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5 Jumeirah Beach Hotel Restaurants in Dubai

Stopping over in Dubai? Here are five themed restaurants to try in Jumeirah Beach. 1-Al Mahara Ground floor, Burj Al Arab, Dubai A visit to this showy upmarket seafood...

Movenpick Dead Sea resort and spa, Jordan

About 50km from Madaba in Jordan, I check into a Movenpick hotel, the Movenpick Dead Sea Resort & Spa, a luxury resort on the...

Aleppo (October 2010) before Arab Spring

There are some places in the world that leave me with a strong impression yet there are others I can barely remember. For me,...

Dubai – Desert Safari dune bashing

As we drive into the desert, Dubai’s glitzy resorts, private canal developments, cranes and sky scrapers disappear in the rear-vision mirror of our four-wheel...

Exploring Oman with Helloworld by Lauren Bath

This year I was a part of a little campaign called the Helloworld RELAY. Who am I kidding? Helloworld RELAY was actually the biggest...

Dubai Racing – Sport of Kings

Meet the stars of the track during a breakfast tour of Dubai racing stables. Magnificent thoroughbred horses thunder along the dirt track, past emerald green...

Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo review

Soon after the Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo opened, the Egyptian revolution took place (in January 2011) and business in Egypt grinded to a halt....

Lost City of Petra

Jordan’s main drawcard is Petra, a World Heritage-listed site that was voted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007 also...

Jordan tourism – Land of milk and honey

It’s 9.30pm and the outdoor entertainment courtyard at the Movenpick Dead Sea Resort is hopping. The crowd is mesmerised by the hip gyrations of...

Desert Islands – Abu Dhabi

It started as a whimsical project almost three decades ago when Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan - the Bedouin ruler of Abu Dhabi and...


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Amazon Peru Adventure Delfin Amazon Cruises

It is night time at Lima’s Parque de la Reserva. A circus-like atmosphere permeates the park. Vendors hawk cotton candy, popcorn and caramel apples. Laughing...