luxor temple
Do you love ancient history? Ancient Egypt has more than its fair share of attractions for travellers who are keen to explore its mysteries. When in Egypt, wandering around a Luxor temple is definitely something to tick off your bucket list. Mysteries of Karnak Discovering ancient Egypt's history while wandering past...
Top Jumeirah Beach Restaurants
Stopping over in Dubai? Here are five themed restaurants to try in Jumeirah Beach. 1-Al Mahara Ground floor, Burj Al Arab, Dubai A visit to this showy upmarket seafood restaurant starts with a three-minute theme park ride in an elevator that simulates a submarine journey. The “submarine” navigates past a multi-coloured ocean bed as schools...
movenpick dead sea resort
About 50km from Madaba in Jordan, I check into the Movenpick Dead Sea Resort & Spa, a luxury resort on the shores of the Dead Sea. Of all the things to do in Jordan, chilling out in the Dead Sea is the most relaxing. It's the lowest point on...
children of aleppo
There are some places in the world that leave me with a strong impression yet there are others I can barely remember. For me, Aleppo in Syria is one of those places that is crystal clear in my mind. I only visited for a day four years ago yet...
desert safari dubai reviews
As we drive into the desert, Dubai’s glitzy resorts, private canal developments, cranes and sky scrapers disappear in the rear-vision mirror of our four-wheel drive giving way to pancake-flat desert plains as far as our eyes can see. 4WD Dubai I have signed up for a four-wheel driving trip into the...
oman tourism
This year I was a part of a little campaign called the Helloworld RELAY. Who am I kidding? Helloworld RELAY was actually the biggest social media campaign I have ever been a part of. Basically, instagrammers all over the world were hired to promote World Tourism Day for a massive...


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35 things to do in Macau for kids

Macau may not immediately come to mind as a family holiday destination, but you might be surprised to discover that there are plenty of...