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Vancouver Island Resorts
Vancouver Island, simply put, is paradise. It’s the Land of the Mighty Yellow Cedars and Giant Sequoias and stands of ancient Douglas Firs in a forest called the Cathedral Grove because the church-spire trees are older, taller and many say holier than the medieval churches of Europe. It’s no...
where to stay in macau

Where To Stay In Macau

Macau’s hotels are looking pretty wild and things are only going to get blinger. The city’s tycoons are vying with each other in a prolonged tussle of one-billion-upmanship to see who can build the flashiest resorts. These resorts are some of the most impressive places to visit in Macau...
fullerton hotels singapore
For those who like luxury, glamour and a real sense of place, Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore ticks all the boxes. The hotel is a six-storey modern affair, built on stilts over Marina Bay. It links to the historic Clifford Pier, now a pretty restaurant, where early settlers arrived by boat. Right...
luxurious escapes nsw

11 Luxury Escapes In NSW

Cool city pads, golf course escapes, coastal getaways and bush retreats - here are some luxury escapes in NSW to pick for a real treat. Combine an old convent with a 125-year-old bank, former spa retreat for honeymooners and a what was once a basic campground and you have the...
glamping in Africa

Glamping in Africa

Africa has so much to offer luxury travellers who are keen on a safari experience. King-sized beds, claw-foot baths, duck-down duvets and polished teak floorboards are some of the fabulous luxuries you can enjoy in the African bush. When it comes to glamping in Africa (an abbreviation of glamorous camping),...
Canadian castles

Canadian castles and forts

Visiting a castle is one of the things to do in Canada that may not necessarily be at the top of your list. Did you know that across Canada, there’s a collection of glorious turrets and intricate stonework from some of the most impressive Canadian castles and forts? These...