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hluhluwe-imfolozi park
Our Zulu guide's long greying Poirot-style moustache extends way beyond his jowls, a large rifle hangs loosely at his side. A portly gut hangs over his safari shorts. "Poirot" runs through the law of the land. "If I say you get behind tree, you get behind tree - fast!...
lappet faced vulture 6

South Africa wildlife tourism

Lappet-faced vultures The lappet-faced or Nubian vulture is one of 16 old world vultures belonging to a bird order which includes eagles, kites, buzzards and hawks. It is the largest and one of the rarest of African vultures. Vultures do not go after healthy prey, but only attack wounded and...
caracal called lucius 6

African animals – caracals

Of all the African animals - caracals (also known as lynx) are not very popular in Africa. Whilst they are a beautiful and stunning animal, they are also excellent killers. And they kill for the fun of it, not just to eat their prey. Farmers have reported a caracal killing...

Africa voluntourism

Voluntourism is thriving. The concept of volunteering while travelling has been gaining popularity over the last five to 10 years. Some experiences are free but many actually cost you a premium for the experience. The idea is to visit unusual and exotic places while becoming part of a community working...
lion whisperer

The Lion Whisperer

Kevin Richardson’s wildlife sanctuary is in Welgedacht Game Reserve, which is part of a larger conservancy known as Dinokeng. Dinokeng is Gauteng's only Big 5 game reserve. Kevin’s sanctuary houses 22 hand-reared lions (including white lions), 13 brown spotted hyenas, two striped hyenas and four stunning black leopards and the...
moholoholo cheetah
We spent a fortnight at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in the northern province of South Africa, a 45-minute drive from Hoedspruit. A few years ago, we came across Kevin Richardson on YouTube and decided to visit both places while in Africa. We contacted Moholoholo and the Kevin Richardson's Lion Sanctuary through...

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