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20 Colombia Tours

Colombia in the north of South America has a Pacific Ocean and Caribbean coastline, both with off shore islands. While Bogota is both the...
Tourists With Dune Buggies In The Peruvian Coast At Ica Peru

20 Cities In Peru

Peru is the third-largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina. It lies in the west with an extensive Pacific Coastline, north of...
View of girl sitting on the edge of the rock with raised hands and taking pleasure of forested mountains landscape of Machu Picchu.

20 Best Peru Tours

Peru is a fascinating country with a Pacific Coastline in South America’s west, bordered by Chile and Bolivia in the south and Ecuador and...
aerial view of buenos aires during the day

20 Cities in Argentina

Look at a map of Argentina and you'll immediately see why it's the second-largest country in South America, behind Brazil. It occupies most of...
Iquique Behind A Huge Dune, Northern Chile

20 Cities in Chile

The most incredible thing about Chile's geography is it has a coastline on the Pacific Ocean that stretches north to south 4,270 kilometres (2,653...
cities in colombia map

20 Cities in Colombia

When the Spanish arrived in what is now Colombia, has a coastline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, late in the 15th...

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