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Brazil Landmarks Niteroi Skyline Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Braz

20 Landmarks in Brazil You Must See

There’s a famous saying that good things come in sets of three and, it just so happens,  the three most famous Brazilian icons  start...
natural landmark in argentina

20 Famous Landmarks in Argentina

Argentina covers much of the southern tip of South America. Its landscape is wild and vast and is filled with roaring waterfalls, hidden relics...
natural landmarks of peru

20 Famous Landmarks in Peru

Peru, in western South America, is a diverse and ancient country. Once the home of the Inca, who left behind incredible cities within dense...
quito cotopaxi volcano

15 Things to do in Quito

It's easy to see why San Francisco del Quito is a World Heritage gem and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Commonly known as Quito,...
argentina on the road through the quebradas

Argentina Road Trip

Hugo (pronounced Oo-go), our guide and driver, on our Argentina road trip, lets out an expletive and hits the steering wheel with his hand....
landmarks in venezuela

20 Famous Landmarks in South America

South America is a fascinating continent with varied landscapes, amazing animals and incredible scenery. Here are 20 must-see landmarks in South America that you...

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