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argentina on the road through the quebradas

Argentina Road Trip

Hugo (pronounced Oo-go), our guide and driver, on our Argentina road trip, lets out an expletive and hits the steering wheel with his hand....
Patagonia cruise on Stella Australia.

Patagonia cruise – Stella Australis

The sky changes from violet to black, as it swallows the Martial mountain range. At the start of our Patagonia cruise, Ushuaia’s lights are...
ushuaia argentina

10 things to do in Ushuaia

If you're travelling in Argentina, chances are, the southern city of Ushuaia is not on your list to visit. That's because it's not as...
things to do in santiago

10 things to do in Santiago Chile

Santiago's greatest asset is its ideal location, with ski slopes to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and wineries in every direction. Here...
argentina tango

6 Ways To Enjoy The Tango in Buenos Aires

When visiting Argentina's capital, watching a Buenos Aires tango show is something everyone should do. During my last trip to Buenos Aires, I decided...
Bogota Main Cathedral

Hotel Bs Kiü Bogota

At one time, Colombia was synonymous with illegal narcotic trade, killings and corruption. Not anymore! In recent times, the nation has cleaned up its...