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rio at night

20 Things To Do In Rio de Janeiro at Night

This iconic city on the Brazilian Coast is famous for its beaches, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer statue (Corcovado) and the world's largest...
beaches in uruguay punta del diablo

20 Uruguay Beaches

Uruguay is a South American destination frequently skipped by travellers. Although it is smaller and less famous than its neighbours, the country has a...
what is the best time of year to visit easter island chile

Best Time To Visit Chile

The tip of South America on the Pacific Coast to the border with Peru stretches 4,300 km (2,700 miles). This is Chile, a long...
best time to visit rio de janeiro brazil

Best Time To Visit Brazil

While Spain colonised much of South America, there is an argument that it was the Portuguese who originally got the continent's jewel, Brazil. It...
best time of year to visit brazil and argentina

Best Time To Visit Argentina

Argentina on the South Atlantic Coast of South America stretches 3800 km (2360 miles) north to south. Its shape is like an inverted triangle,...
argentina beaches nude woman covering up with a white hat

20 Argentina Beaches

While Brazil often comes to mind first when picturing stunning beaches in South America, Argentina's beaches are a unique mix of rugged Patagonian lakeside...

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