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What to eat in Macau and where to eat in Macau
Macau is a foodie’s playground and the UNESCO World Heritage area is one of the first places I like to go to experience the city’s impressive food and drink scene. Intertwined with centuries-old World Heritage attractions are hundreds of places to try good street food and Macanese specialty snacks or...

50 FREE Things To Do In Macau

Being a regular visitor, I'm always on the lookout for free things to do in Macau. Fortunately, there's plenty to see around the city. Over the years, I've discovered a surprisingly high number of exciting things to do and free places worth experiencing.  So, here are 50 free things to...
Landmarks in China CCTV
The world's fourth-largest country and home to a culture with 4000 years of history, it's not surprising that China's landmarks are impressive. From Imperial palaces and grand temples to a long list of stunning natural wonders, these awe-inspiring China landmarks are precious treasures.  The country's rapid modernisation also means that...
Things to do in Guangzhou

20 Things To Do In Guangzhou

Shades of old Canton hide in the shadows of glittering Guangzhou. This is China's third-largest city, a booming metropolis and a far cry from the village it once was. As the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine and a rich history influenced by the British and Portuguese, there are plenty of...
xamen attractions

7 Things To Do in Xiamen

It may be just one square kilometre in size, but Xiamen's Gulang Island knows how to drum up interest beyond its sleek measurements making a visit to the island one of the top things to do in Xiamen.  The local guide will tell you the local population is somewhere between...
places to visit in china yangshuo
As China is the third-largest country in the world, you're unlikely to find many places to visit in China where the streets are empty of either cars or people. The other thing you won’t see is families with lots of children, as China’s one-child policy is strikingly evident where...

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