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chile landmarks

20 Famous Chile Landmarks

Chile is a land of contrast. From the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert, to its incredible 6500 km of coastline, it is a country worth visiting for those with an adventurous side. Chile's climate replicates that of the Mediterranean, with warm summers and cooler nights. Benefitting from...
landmarks in netherlands

20 Landmarks in the Netherlands

Known for its intertwining canals, mostly flat landscape, stunning fields of colourful tulips and of course, windmills, The Netherlands is an incredible country to visit. With its bustling, trendy capital Amsterdam boasting a history filled with artists, to Rotterdam, with its stunning modern architecture, The Netherlands is a fascinating...
france landmarks

25 Famous Landmarks in France

Champagne, crepes and croissants are some of the delicious things that attract visitors to France. Then there's fine French food, fashion and a treasure trove of historic sights to explore. There's no doubt la vie est belle! Yes, life is beautiful indeed and so are these famous landmarks in...
landmarks of bulgaria
A small southeast European country, Bulgaria is known for its beautiful nature and ancient landmarks. The country has been inhabited by Thracians, Romans, Celts, Slavs and later Bulgarians, which formed a powerful alliance with the local tribes. It became a powerful empire in the Balkans during the Middle Ages....
famous landmark in indonesia
Indonesia has so many islands; even the experts aren’t sure how many there are. The consensus is that this country in Southeast Asia has 17,508 islands and a third of the world’s volcanoes. So, it should come as no surprise that many of the famous landmarks in Indonesia are...
famous landmarks in italy

20 Famous Landmarks in Italy

A land with a long history, there’s a treasure trove of landmarks in Italy that are instantly recognisable. Italy is a history lover’s dream destination, packed with Greek temples, Roman ruins, Baroque churches and from medieval castles. Italy's UNESCO World Heritage sites reflect the mastery in architecture and building. With...

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