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20 Incredible Landmarks in Scotland

Scattered across the windswept landscapes of the highlands to the cobbled streets of ancient cities, the landmarks of Scotland represent the country's rich and proud history. Scotland’s landscape is subject to extremes in weather due to its location, with some islands stretching closer to Norway than the Scottish shores....
famous landmarks

Famous Landmarks Around The World

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a landmark is “a building or place that is easily recognised, especially one that you can use to judge where you are”. The Merriam Webster Dictionary takes a broader approach to defining the meaning of “landmark” and describes a landmark as “an object (such...
landmarks of africa

20 Incredible Landmarks in Africa

Africa is the worlds second-largest continent with 54 countries and a land of incredibly diverse peoples, landscapes and histories. From the scorching heat of the desert to the lush green humid rainforests, Africa is home to a variety of animals and plants. Natural landmarks in Africa range from mountains...

20 Incredible Landmarks in Singapore

Once a colonial trading post for the British, Singapore is an incredible city-state in southeast Asia where remnants of the colonial period stand alongside skyscrapers. Although Singapore's contemporary architecture is mindboggling, the island is also brimming with Chinese, Indian, Malay and British heritage, making it a melting pot of...
landmarks in america

20 Incredible Landmarks in America

From staggeringly vast and beautiful national parks, marks of ancient cultures, and more modern yet impressive manmade landmarks, the Unites States of America has incredible sites to attract both tourists and locals. Manmade monuments showcase the best of what America is all about, reflecting democracy, independence and pride in those...
vietnam landmarks for your bucket list

20 Incredible Landmarks in Vietnam

Vietnam is often called one of Southeast Asia's most beautiful countries, it is easy to see why so many backpackers and travellers are drawn to Vietnam. With pristine sandy beaches, bustling cities and lush rainforest, there is a multitude of potential landmarks waiting to be explored. Here are 20...

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